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You probably know this situation too well. You purchase groceries at the start of the week, then life calls, and food gets thrown out or stashed away in the freezer at the very last minute. Sound familiar? Well Electrolux has designed a solution to store your fresh food for longer.

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  • Food waste costs Australians more than $20 billion each year, with over 5 million tonnes of food landfill (National Waste Report, 2013). With the majority of Electrolux’s business relating to food, we wanted to help people make more sustainable choices with food preservation appliances that extended the life of fresh produce. Our research showed that 66% of people stored fresh food in the freezer to save money and reduce spoilage - but that frozen food is never as good as fresh, and defrosting takes too long. We needed to find a way to preserve the freshness of food without freezing.

  • To help consumers preserve the freshness of their food, we designed the MDR4 refrigerator with FlexFresh convertible drawer. With meat, dairy and vegetables all requiring different ideal preservation temperatures, the fully convertible drawer features ingenious microclimate zones to provide an exacting level of food quality preservation and maximum storage flexibility. Adjustable from a true deep freeze at -23°C, right up to +7°C for serving wine – there are 5 predefined settings at the touch of a button. Importantly, it includes an UltraChill setting to deep chill meat and fish at the optimum condition without freezing to preserve taste and texture (-2ºC).

  • Overcoming two primary reasons for food waste; the food is no longer good, and preparation is too inconvenient, this design solves both by delivering freshness and flexibility. The research-based FlexFresh™ convertible drawer can be modified to be either a fridge or a freezer using precise temperature controls. Temperatures can be adjusted from the Electrolux app, so users can configure the microclimates on the go. To top it off, this model also includes TasteLock crispers with automatic humidity control. An intuitive and effortless solution for fresher food, less waste, and a significant cost savings for Australians.

  • • The asymmetrical door design frees up more usable space - it allows four 3L milk bottles to be stored in the main storage bin – which is the most in the market. • TasteLock® Crispers with automatic humidity control keep fruit and vegetables fresh for up to 7 days by releasing humidity to ensure moisture doesn’t build up and spoil produce. The crisper is fully sealed and features a special one-way membrane which keeps the dry cold air out and lets the humidity escape. While traditional crispers have humidity control sliders, our new crispers remove the guess work • The door mounted FlexStor® system features a width adjustable storage bin that can slide wide or narrow to enhance tall bottle storage. • FreshPlus sensors – the fridge is so smart that it continually measures how often the doors/drawers are opened. From this, the fridge will begin to predict peak times and be ready to cool during those, it will also run as efficiently as possible during off peak times or when it senses you are on holiday. • Connectivity with the Electrolux app allows you to adjust and monitor each compartment’s temperature to ensure you have the ideal conditions for freshest ingredients every time.