Ecto Handplanes – Ecto FLY Fish – Bodysurfing Handplane

  • 2020

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Ecto Handplanes

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Ecto Handplanes give bodysurfers the ability gain more speed and lift when bodysurfing any wave type. The distinctively refined flyer and fish tail shape made from sustainable Paulownia wood mean bodysurfers can ride faster than ever. The #EctoFLYFish is an exciting innovation within the great Australian tradition of bodysurfing.

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Image: - Photo: Chris Anderson
Image: - Photo: Chris Anderson
Image: - Photo: Chris Anderson
Image: Chris Anderson - Photo: Matt Hipsley & Salty Surf Housings
Image: Chris Anderson - Photo: Matt Hipsley & Salty Surf Housings
Image: Chris Anderson - Photo: Matt Hipsley & Salty Surf Housings
Image: - Photo: Chris Anderson
Image: Chris Anderson - Photo: PM Ocean Images
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  • The Ecto Handplanes #EctoFLYFish model was developed with the challenge of providing the most versatile handplane possible. This meant creating a shape that could provide the maximum amount of speed and lift but with the highest level of swimming and paddling freedom. Our aim was to ensure the handplane would be a suitable size for bodysurfers of all abilities and would also work well in all wave conditions. This required careful consideration of hydrodynamic surfboard shape principles such as rocker, concaves, rail edging and flyers as well as a creating a fully adjustable hand strap system.

  • The #EctoFLYFish design makes bodysurfers FLY across the wave through a groundbreaking combination of a flyer and fish tail design. The innovative tail shape channels water highly efficiently and provides total swimming freedom by allowing complete 90° wrist movement in the water, unlike any design available worldwide. A good amount of under hand surface area means the bodysurfer still retains superior speed and lift characteristics as well as great control via the hard edge rails. The precision crafted sustainable Australian Paulownia wood benefits the experience further by being both ultra light in weight and having a perfect buoyancy for riding.

  • The #EctoFLYFish has a positive environmental impact by being certified 'Australian Made & Grown' because the precision manufacturing occurs locally in our workshops on the South Coast of NSW from sustainably grown plantation Paulownia timber from Coffs Harbour NSW. Timber is not only inherently more sustainable than plastic or foam/fibreglass but it is more durable and easier to repair. Socially, the #EctoFLYFish gives people who do not have time or money for stand-up surfing lessons the same amazing opportunity to try and ride waves. The product contributes an exciting innovation to progress the skills of the next generation of Australian bodysurfers.

  • • Note: Increasing speed and lift refers to the 'hydroplaning process' (ie skimming/surfing across the wave) and is greatly increased by bodysurfing with an Ecto Handplane as it provides the bodysurfer with surface area under their hand. • The Ecto Handplanes #EctoFLYFish hand strap system is fully adjustable at both plugs allowing the bodysurfer to comfortably fit their hand against the handplane. This one size fits all design makes the product a versatile for individuals or to share as a family beach favourite. FEATURES: • Timber: Sustainable plantation Australian grown Paulownia timber • Manufacturing: Precision CNC with hand crafted finish • Paint: High quality hand sprayed vinyl stencil masks • Sealed: 4 coats of a high quality low VOC satin marine varnish • Strap: Fully adjustable one size fits all 3mm neoprene-velcro • Thing Profile: Ultra thin design for superior paddling freedom • Single Concave: optimised water flow for maximum speed and lift • Nose Rocker: optimised to reduce spray and increase lift • Hard Rails: to provide maximum on wave hold and control • Skills & Waves: Suitable for all skills and wave types • Included: An adjustable toggle leash cord (for kids or big surf) • Dimensions: ~ 230mm, 180mm, 15mm | 9in, 7.5in, 0.5in • Weight: ~ 200g | 6oz • Certified 'Australian Made & Grown' - Australian Made Campaign