Divvy ‘Maggie’ Parking Access Device

  • 2017

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Commissioned By:

Divvy Parking

Designed In:


Disruptive and revolutionary, the Divvy Parking solution is an integrated system providing drivers access to under-utilized parking spots in commercial buildings.

This iconic device enables drivers to book a space, enter and exit a car park. It integrates with an exceptional user experience by virtue of its functionality and beautiful design.

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  • Maggie is easily identified by her welcoming and iconic form, which stands out from existing devices that typically favour a more utilitarian look and feel. The device has a presence that is distinctively Divvy. She is noticeable as an obvious part of the parking experience - not an unseen necessity. The interface design is based on a theme that stood out boldly during design development - 'friendly futuristic robot' and incorporates a distinctive illuminated halo which serves to reinforce the user experience as well as Maggie's friendly personality.

  • Maggie is an internet connected device that brings parking into the era of the Internet of Things (IoT). Drivers can easily select and book an available parking space using the intuitively designed Divvy Parking app available for iOS and Android, or via the Divvy Parking website. Building managers and owners also have the ability to accurately monitor how their car parks are being utilised through the connected inventory management platform called Divvy Enterprise. When business and individuals both benefit from the share economy as is the case with the Divvy model, the potential to truly improve how our cities work is exponentially improved.

  • Maggie saves drivers' time by having parking pre-paid and pre-booked. This means that the only action needed at the entry to the car park is scanning the generated Divvy QR code using your smartphone. The same code is scanned upon exit. This intuitive design improves the user experience as it is easy to understand, easy to interact with, is ticket-less and cash-less.

  • The 'Maggie' smart access device brings parking into the future, by having a flexible entry and exit device that can grow and be integrated with evolving and emerging technologies. Currently, smartphones with QR codes are used with the device to enter and exit car parks, however, there is large potential for future innovations. One implemented example of this is the recent coupling of Maggie with license plate recognition technology to create a car parking experience void of physical interaction, further enhancing the user experience.

    The materials and finishes selected for Maggie are intended to compliment inner city architecture, whilst protect her from the daily grind. Powder coated sheet metal panels and clumsy off-the-shelf interface components have been discarded in favour of a sleek toughened glass touch screen, LED halo illumination for day and night access and a robust machined surround. Maggie is designed as a fully integrated unit, rather than a collection of parts. She stands out from the crowd and is right at home in the city.

    Maggie Reduces waste - Replacing car park ticket machines with a smart access device, reduces the wastefulness of using paper tickets and aids in moving parking towards environmental sustainability. Maggie contributes to reduced pollution - Connecting drivers with spaces that otherwise sit unused, reduces congestion on our streets by up-to 30%, this reduces pollution created by cars driving around for hours looking for a park, and improves the flow of commuters in a CBD. The smart access device is the key to a smart parking solution