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  • 2021

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Founded by husband and wife podiatrists, the FRANKiE4 footwear range is backed by real knowledge of the foot and lower limbs. With over 64,236 verified buyer reviews and a 85.9% 5-star rating, these Australian registered and patented designs are improving women’s quality of life.

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  • FRANKiE4 footwear is designed to help relieve foot and heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis. Pain under the heel is very common, accounting for up to 15% of foot-related doctor's appointments. Through treating female patients, Caroline McCulloch, a Podiatrist and Physiotherapist turned footwear designer, saw firsthand the gap in the market for fashionable footwear that complemented podiatric therapy. Utilising her expertise and experience, McCulloch and her team design innovative shoes to help reduce foot symptoms, particularly heel pain. FRANKiE4 are changing the way women experience shoes with fashion forward collections fitted with supportive features for women of all ages.

  • Our footwear range has received over 64,273 verified buyer reviews with an average 85.9% 5-star rating. 55.7% of our 5-star reviews are from women with foot conditions (this includes plantar fasciitis, bunions, arthritis, flat feet, over pronation and post-surgery recovery). 23.54% of our 5-star reviews are from women with plantar fasciitis. The success of our range of healthy footwear that's fashionable and functional can be attributed to our original Podiatrist-designed features, quality materials, outstanding craftsmanship, meticulous quality control and uniquely stylish designs. We are true to the design process and do not use private labelling to supplement our range.

  • SOCIAL: FRANKiE4's positive impact shines through 55,072 five-star verified reviews-55.7% from women with foot conditions. Since 2017, we have donated sock sale net profits ($288,946+) to Brainchild Foundation who support families of children with spinal cord and brain tumours. COMMERCIAL: Our average YOY unit sales growth is 80%+, return customer purchase rate is 54%, we opened our fourth store in 2020, and expanded into NZ and US in 2021. ENVIRONMENTAL: We are members of leading environmental compliance organisation the Leather Working Group, partner with Save Our Soles to keep shoes out of landfill and have recyclable packaging (more at .

  • 1. Sole Hero™ Footbed: - Patented insole design that cradles heels, cushions feet and supports arches for better foot and lower limb alignment. - Two-zones of cushioning spread pressure across the surface of the forefoot for added softness that helps prevent pain points. - Built into all sandals, slides and open-toe heels and adjustable in boots, sneakers and most enclosed flats. 2. Sole Hero™ Open-Toe High Heel Footbed: - Designed with unique convex cushioning that extends from mid-foot to forefoot. - Aims to address added pressure on the forefoot in a high-heel position by biasing strategic softness under the ball of the foot. 3. Sole Saver Pack™: - Two full-length Sole Hero™ Footbeds, two half-length footbeds and two forefoot cushions. - Helps customise fit for all feet: narrow, wide, standard sized, or feet with health concerns. - Complimentary with all sneakers, most enclosed flats, boots, and brogues. 4. Custom Control™ Pack: - Choice of two Podiatrist-designed footbeds complimentary with ACTiVE styles. - Sole Hero™ Footbed for outstanding cushioning and support, or FRANKiE4 LiTE Footbed for a soft, minimalistic feel. - Includes two forefoot cushions. 5. Podiatrist-Designed Moulded Soles: - Our polyurethane or phylon lightweight soles feature durable outer soles and soft midsoles that work together to lift, cradle, support and cushion.