Cup O Flora Self-Watering Pot

  • 2018

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Odi Reuveni

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Cup O Flora® is a self-watering glass pot. Plants that grow in a Cup O Flora® self-absorb water through a wick from the external pot. The pot's clear design offers an instinctive gauging of the water level in the reservoir, ensuring the plant is always hydrated.

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  • We thought that everybody should be able to work and live in a green environment, regardless of how much they know about plants. The clear self-watering system allows CUP O FLORA owners to see when their plant needs water. The simple design means that it’s easy to fill it using a tap or a bottle. There is evidence to show that plants growing in a CUP O FLORA thrive for much longer than plants in other pots.

  • We initially considered a plastic model but found out that it would have to be made of three different parts and may not be as waterproof. We then turned to glass which offered a two-part design that looked wonderful, was robust, waterproof and allowed storage of enough water to support common plant varieties. We have customers who bought pots three years ago and have plants still thriving in the same original pot.

  • Research shows how important plants are to people’s wellbeing. It helps to reduce stress levels at home and in the work environment. Owning a clean, self-caring plant allows those with, and without, a green thumb to keep their plants thriving for longer. Our pots come in various sizes to fit the home and office environments. They are also a popular choice in functions as a sustainable alternative to bouquets.

  • CUP O FLORA pots are made of strong borosilicate glass which adds resilience and longevity to the product. The pot’s mechanism is easy to understand and operate. It has a clean look which transcends across fashion styles and geographic regions. The pots come in various sizes to fit a wide range of plants. Unlike other self-watering devices, CUP O FLORA’s glass design provides a clear indication of the remaining water level in the reservoir.