Compact Four Berth Camper Trailer

  • 2022

  • Product
    Automotive and Transport

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Kerfton Pty Ltd

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A compact family oriented camper trailer with class leading aesthetics and finish. The Kerfton Fouray delivers automotive styling combined with off road ruggedness in a lightweight compact package. A fast setup provides internal bedding for a family of four. The whole family sleeps in safety, in style, inside.

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  • There is a lack of premium family oriented compact camper trailers available in the Australian market. Most products are 2 berth. Other family oriented products are typically large and heavy and cumbersome in terms of storage and towing. They provide little convenience over a full sized caravan. Camper trailers are also typically of a utilitarian design with little focus on aesthetics. The goal was to develop a camper trailer that is: Family friendly and provides bedding for a family of 4. Fast and easy to setup. Compact and lightweight when travelling. Aesthetically pleasing with an improved level of finish.

  • A camper layout was chosen that perfectly suits family use. The bedding configuration provides a full Australian sized queen master bed for parents and two separated single beds for children. The separated kids beds help to prevent energetic debate between siblings at bed time. These surround a central living space which provides a refuge in case of inclement weather. Freedom of form and function was enabled by utilising composites for the exterior body. This allowed truly unique and more automotive oriented aesthetics than is afforded by traditional low volume flat panel sheet metal based manufacturing techniques.

  • The Kerfton Fouray sets a new standard in terms of camper trailer aesthetics. The exterior shape and styling complement many of the modern tow vehicles which is a significant departure from traditional camper trailer designs. In the transport configuration the camper is compact and relatively lightweight. This makes it easy and efficient to tow and convenient to store when not in use. It converts to the camping configuration in under 5 minutes. In the camping configuration it provides internal bedding for four and an internal living space. This allows the whole family to sleep inside, in comfort in safety.

  • Kitchens and fridges are typically stored within camper trailers while they being transported and then deployed into the usable positions when the camper is setup for camping. It is common for these items to be stored in dedicated storage compartments, which add to the size and weight of the camper trailer. The Kerfton Fouray stores the kitchen and fridge within the living space in the transport mode. They are deployed to the rear of the camper when in camping mode leaving the interior free for use as a living space. This dual use of space (for either storage or living) significantly reduces the overall size and weight of the camper trailer relative to most competitive products. This concept is not new, however previous approaches have been limited by the deployment mechanisms for the kitchen and/or fridge. Kerfton has developed a new and unique “slide and swing” solution to this challenge which is both easy to use and leaves the living space entirely free of unsightly and cumbersome rails or tracks. This solution is the subject of an Australian patent pending.