Velo | Cordless backpack vacuum cleaner


Velo is a powerful backpack vacuum cleaner featuring the latest in cordless technology, giving users complete freedom to clean without the restraint of a cord. Designed small enough to spot clean, and strong enough to fulfil whole cleaning tasks, Velo replaces both commercial and domestic needs for multiple, single-purpose machines.

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  • The backpack vacuum market features heavy, corded models, typically used for commercial applications. Backpack vacuums offer a more productive alternative to traditional canister and upright vacuum cleaners. However, how productive can a user be with an uncomfortable weight on their back, limited by a cord that they need to constantly bend down to unplug and replug as they clean a space? Users may need to take breaks from the weight on their backs, and waste time moving the cord whilst operating the machine. Poor ergonomic design and corded restraint physically limits the productivity of backpack vacuum cleaners.

  • Pacvac's Velo is compact, weighing just 4.6kg it's one of the lightest backpack vacuum cleaners on the market. Featuring a breathable harness with inbuilt cooling channels, users are ergonomically supported, and don't need to take the backpack off out of discomfort, saving valuable cleaning time. Velo is cordless, with up to 50 minutes runtime. This eliminates the counterproductive problems created by cords, including getting caught on furniture, having to unplug and replug the cord into a power source, and being limited to where you can clean - i.e on staircases or on a plane.

  • Backpack vacuum cleaners are typical of the commercial cleaning industry, yet Velo's compact, cordless design has seen it break into the domestic market, helping users achieve a professional clean at home with a HEPA filter. For commercial cleaners, Velo provides a lightweight, comfortable, and cordless tool to increase productivity for businesses, allowing them to clean places they couldn't with a cord. Velo gives the elderly and individuals with limited movement their independence in cleaning tasks, keeping them employed in a competitive cleaning market now that they don't need to haul around heavy machinery or bend for power points.

  • Velo liberates backpack vacuum cleaners from the limitations to productivity that result from heavy weight, and power cords. Other design features of Velo that add to the new limitless productivity of cordless backpack vacuuming include the ambidextrous hose, capable of rotating 180 degrees to accommodate cleaning needs. Velo comes with a range of accessories as standard. These thoughtfully designed inclusions feature a telescopic wand for hard-to-reach places, a crevice and dusting tool for stubborn dust and debris, and a wand holder to keep the user's accessories quickly and easily accessible as they clean. Velo was designed with a clear dome lid so the user can easily see when the machine needs to be emptied, instead of wasting time taking the machine off to check if it's full.