CommBox InstallMate

  • 2019

  • Engineering

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CommBox Pty Ltd

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The InstallMate is a motorised remote control installation robot designed for safe lifting, installing and servicing of large format LCD TVs and Interactive Touchscreens. It significantly reduces the time taken, and the number of people required, providing a huge return on investment whilst avoiding dangerous lifting and risk of injury.

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  • How do you lift a 103”, 150Kg touchscreen on to a wall bracket, aligning it carefully on the mounting rails? Even with 4 people, they are each lifting 37.5Kg. Not only is it expensive to employ 4 people to mount a screen, each is at significant risk of injury. In addition, how do you design a device that is strong enough to lift 150Kg whilst remaining easy and light enough for one person to transport it to site, including lifting in and out of service vehicles?

  • The lightweight, yet strong, design allows a single person to use the remote control to easily lift up to 150Kg screens out of their box. The user is then able to rotate the screen 360 degrees so they can precisely manipulate the screen into position then use the remote control to lower it down onto a wall bracket or mobile trolley. Which is all achieved with a single user and without risk of injury. The CommBox InstallMate runs on either 240V or can be battery operated (utilising industry standard Makita 18V battery) if no power is available.

  • The InstallMate has a clear social and commercial impact. It provides significant safety benefits over manual lifting of screens. Enabling a single person to install a large screen alone significantly reduces the cost of install and increases ROI.

  • The Install Mate provides a 1m stroke to lift screens from just above the ground to a suitable wall mounting height. The large wheels aid rapid transportation of the stand to where it is needed. Built primarily out of Aluminium, the stand is optimised for light weight helping transport it. The overall height is kept to an absolute minimum to fit in most vans. Power comes through the mains power lead, or by sliding an 18V Makita battery into the battery mount.