Colorful ProMaster H1

  • 2021

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Colorful ProMaster H1 is born for professional designers. Its high performance and simple style makes it fit easily into any creative studio. Its unique fabric shell contributes to the distinctive appearance and also ensures that fan noise is reduced, providing a quieter design work environment.

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  • With the development of the design industry, people's perception of the product is not only practical and price, more and more pursuit of beauty.As the creator of beauty designer should have belong to own designer host arises at the historic moment. It is different from other computers to sell at the expense of products.Designer team to give the designer host setting the performance decline under the premise of not do simple guileless. We hope to create a high-performance ultra-low noise, simple and good-looking appearance of the designer host.

  • Its unique cloth shell provides the user with a good feeling and also can effectively reduce the fan inside the case resonance problem and suppress the noise.In the laboratory noise test, the forward distance of 50cm is only 32dB for no load and 42dB for full load. It's an almost silent, high-performance model. Let it tall spirit of lines, full of the soft surface and effect, all joined the very good affinity for it. Under the premise of very compact size, the product has a rigid and flexible appearance and rich sense of hierarchy.

  • The performance of this designer mainframe is positioned at the high-end level of civilian consumption and adopts non-customized full-size hardware. Therefore, it has good hardware compatibility and performance.The simple appearance of super high performance and perfect noise suppression function, can meet the designer's various needs such as rendering, video clip, animation production. We pay special attention to environmental protection in the selection of materials. All plastics are environmentally friendly engineering plastics, these materials are resistant to high temperature and corrosion. Such excellent performance can not only extend the life cycle of products, but also meet the requirements of recycling.

  • The designer team strives to use as little investment as possible on the premise of ensuring aesthetics.This host is designed with a symmetrical center, so the investment of large-size mold is reduced by 50%, so that good cost control brings better profits and allows consumers to have a better product experience at a lower price. At the same time, this can promote the quality of the industry and has very positive market significance. This product mainly consists of sheet metal frame part and Cloth shell part. We have adopted higher tolerance requirements than normal computer chassis precision in the structural design. Our box architecture uses precision stamping and injection molding parts have higher precision requirements than plastic parts of the same size. We use longer mold holding time, therefore, our products can use a smaller material thickness to obtain better strength, so as to ensure that the products can be run at a high temperature for a long time to minimize the aging rate of plastic parts. As a result, it also allows for a more precise fit between plastic and sheet metal parts.