Breville Creatista™ Pro BNE900

  • 2021

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

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Breville / Nespresso

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Breville’s Creatista™ Pro is the first Nespresso in-home capsule machine to offer simultaneous coffee and milk preparation. The Australian-designed product is made possible by dual (patented) Thermo Jet™ heating technology. This machine reaches optimum operating temperature in 3 seconds, allowing consumers to create 2 cappuccinos in less than 75 seconds from a cold start.

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  • The Creatista™ Pro was developed in response to Breville and Nespresso's desire to create a premium flagship machine for the Creatista™ range following the range's previous success of combining Breville's patented milk texturing technology with Nespresso's Original Capsule technology. The focus for the Creatista™ Pro was to develop an enriched user experience to reflect its position as the most premium domestic Nespresso offering. Opportunities for enhancing the user experience were identified as being the user interface, convenience and speed, all to be packaged as compactly as possible using aesthetic and material queues from its predecessor, the Creatista™ Plus.

  • A people-centred approach was employed to identify, understand and address meaningful opportunities in Creatista™ Pro's development. A development team located across Australia, Asia and Europe worked on the Creatista™ Pro's ability to quickly and quietly deliver café-style drinks through simultaneous coffee extraction and milk texturing (first for Nespresso). Great care was taken to produce a robust, economically viable and beautiful machine with a small footprint and quiet operation. A full-colour capacitive touchscreen, coupled with a highly considered UI was used to give consumers access to pre-programmed coffee recipes, each of which can be adjusted to suit personal preference, then saved.

  • Developing robust product solutions that solve consumer pain points and meet consumer expectations is key to the Breville brand. Because of this, and to position Breville at the top of Nespresso's Original Capsule market, the Creatista™ Pro development team paid close attention to careful material selection, extensive life cycle testing and improvement through design iteration. The result is a machine that can quickly, quietly and conveniently deliver café quality coffee at home. We used a heat-on-demand system meaning that the Creatista™ Pro won't waste energy by staying warm. To minimize e-waste, the machine was designed to be fully serviceable.

  • Breville worked closely with its development partners, ensuring high-quality materials and construction techniques were used to achieve the highest standard both technically and aesthetically. Twin low mass flow-through printed circuit heaters were utilised in the design. Less thermal mass results in heaters responding well to PID control ensuring better coffee results are consistently delivered. Attention was paid to isolating the twin pumps from the main chassis to make the machine's operation as quiet as possible. Samples throughout the product's development were stringently life cycle tested. Lessons learnt from this were incorporated into the final design resulting in an extremely durable appliance. The intuitive UI enables consumers' 2 touch drink operation. On the Creatista™ Pro, every function from set up to maintenance operations was highly considered and tested to ensure the best outcome for consumers. The Creatista™ Pro was developed to meet relevant IEC safety standards (IEC 60335-1 and IEC 60335-2-15) as well as satisfying the requirements for the international EMC/EMF standards (EN 55014 and EN61000). The Creatista™ Pro was tested for and awarded (the difficult to attain) Swiss Energy Label of A++. The product was developed and assessed in terms of Nespresso's repairability index throughout the design phase.