Cleo, a Portable Lithium Solar Generator

  • 2021

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    Consumer Electronics

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SR Portables Pty Ltd

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Cleo, an all-in-one portable solar generator. Plug a solar panel into Cleo to collect and store 400Wh of free energy. Take your power with you, wherever and whenever you need it. Clean, silent, fume-less free energy. Power multiple applications – from camping and powering homes to defence and humanitarian aid.

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Image: Sebastian K Wood
Image: Sebastian K Wood
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  • Most people's concept of solar power is large fixed panels on your rooftop with high investment and long-term payback. People don't realise you can now store solar energy to use on the go. The concept of a portable petrol generator is well understood and is still perceived at the only option for portable power. Small capacity powerbanks for phones understood, but the world needs a portable petrol generator alternative that is free of fossil fuels, clean, quiet, fumeless and uses FREE energy. Right now people are vulnerable to fuel prices, and dependency on expensive and unreliable electricity grids.

  • This sleek, portable, easy-to-carry, and durable design aims at giving people power independence. This portable solar power product is easy to understand and use, requires no additional installation or components besides a solar panel. By building an All-in-One system which includes the battery, technical controllers, inputs/ outputs, and safety mechanism, anyone can generate and use solar power easily. Just plug in a foldable or fixed solar panel to charge Cleo, then plug in your devices to power them on the spot. If the Cleo is charged you can unplug the panel and take Cleo to use wherever you need.

  • Customers today need more versatility and independence in their energy generation and usage. Traditional sources of energy have become archaic and detrimental economically and environmentally. Our Cleo product provides customers cheap, efficient, green, self-sustaining and 24x7 on demand energy and is an ideal substitute for diesel generators or home inverters which are widely used today. Our product enables and empowers every customer to optimise and maximise their energy independence. Our solution works not just because it's green and effective, but because we lighten the load on our customers' pockets. Through this product customers save on diesel & electricity bills.

  • The all-in-one design means an A/C inverter, MPPT controller, DC regulator, USB A, USB C, A/C outlets, DC outputs, torch, and high lifespan lithium ion battery are all housed in a high build quality, aluminum-alloy casing. With safety mechanisms and premium build, this high performance plug and play device can be paired with any solar panel through it's agnostic MC4 port. Anyone using this product can generate and store solar power, fully charged to 400Wh in 4-6 hours of full sun to use anytime, anywhere for work, study, play, power outage backup. The Cleo is a one-stop-shop for replacing portable diesel generators and home inverters. The handheld unit is lightweight and compact with a sleek design providing power on-the-go anywhere, anytime. This durable and energy efficient product requires zero installation and maintenance.