Bromic Eclipse Smart-Heat Electric Portable Outdoor Heater

  • 2021

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    Furniture and Lighting

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Bromic Heating

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The Eclipse Smart-Heat Portable is a highly energy-efficient, yet powerful electric outdoor heater that brings warmth and light to design-focused outdoor spaces. The Australian designed heater features patented heat transfer technology on the inside and a striking, unique and functional design on the outside. This combination delivers the perfect balance of ambience, style, and functionality.

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  • To design a multi-functional, electric outdoor heater that can act as a source of light and heat to provide homeowners and hospitality premises with a more efficient, environmentally friendly, and stylish outdoor heating alternative. The product had to be freestanding and portable whilst acting as a heat source above outdoor dining and lounge settings that do not offer wall or ceiling structures for mounting. The product had to offer users the ability to accurately control both heat and light output to suit different climates and user preferences. It needed to be easily assembled and safely operated by the user.

  • The Eclipse Portable features a ceramic fascia to protect internal components, including patented heat transfer technology, which ensures radiant heat is spread evenly and efficiently across areas of up to 12m2. An innovative silhouette and minimalist, matte black appearance make the heater stand out, while a unique, curved arm design and weighted base allows for the slim, compact Heater & Light Unit to be safely counter levered over and heat an outdoor setting. With three different heat output settings and a fully dimmable LED lighting ring, the heater provides users with precise control and flexibility over the level of ambience.

  • The Eclipse Smart-Heat Portable is based on Bromic's patented directional heat transfer concept, which was specifically engineered to maximise energy conversion and minimise the impact to the environment. This means there is very little vertical heat loss as the majority of the heat is directed at the area and objects underneath. As a result, hospitality operators can generate significant additional revenue from their outdoor spaces for up to 12 extra weeks during the colder months, while keeping running costs to a minimum. With its flexible heat and light settings, the heater provides users with unprecedented control over comfort and ambience.

  • The Eclipse Smart-Heat Portable is unique on the outdoor heating market, both in terms of its design as well as in terms of its technology. The heater is able to provide market-leading heat coverage while maintaining the highest level of heat efficiency through its patented design. In addition, it is manufactured of corrosion-resistant, double-coated steel to provide longevity of use and continued aesthetic appeal. The heater's base provides both stability and flexibility due to integrated wheels, allowing it to be moved around easily. All materials and finishes were carefully chosen to balance cost, longevity and appearance, as recyclability and "design for disassembly" are at the core of Bromic's design philosophy. The heater's efficient heat distribution, unique appearance and dual purpose as a light and heat source ensure that diners, operators and the environment are all winners.