Breville|PolyScience Hydro Pro™ Commercial Immersion Circulator CSV750 / CSV700

  • 2021

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

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Breville Development Team

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The Breville|PolyScience HydroPro™ & HydroPro™ Plus Commercial Immersion Circulators achieve perfect, repeatable and safe food results via a unique on-board cooking guide that simplifies sous vide cooking using advanced algorithms to calculate the correct time to reach temperature and pasteurization for a wide range of foods.

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  • Cooking sous vide safely requires an understanding of advanced mathematics to predict the transfer of temperature from the bath to the core of the food. Typically, the user will need to consult a table, or several often-conflicting online references, to determine correct time and temperature for the desired food results. The HydroPro™ circulators are the first of their kind equipped with a unique onboard Sous Vide ToolBox™ which steps the user through the process to ensure the best as well as safe food outcome.

  • These products have been designed to meet the needs of a commercial chef. Maintaining a compliant HACCP plan is an onerous process, with a typical chef spending hours each week documenting food safety. The integrated probe & HACCP Manager App gives that time back to the chef by recording the data which can be wirelessly extracted via Bluetooth & cooking logs automatically generated for full HACCP compliance. The integrated probe also gives chefs additional visibility & control of the cooking process through monitoring of the foods core temperature.

  • This product incorporates a feature set far beyond the existing range. More powerful, more compact, more adaptable, larger capacity and higher flow rate combined with a better user experience. This range of Immersion Circulators re-establishes the PolyScience heritage of leading innovation in the Sous Vide cooking category. Partnering with Breville the new robust design, precision, and power surpass that of their previous industry-leading products in this category. These are the most feature packed and affordable commercial immersion circulators on the market, available at hundreds of dollars less than the closest equivalent commercial competitors.

  • The most powerful of its kind, the innovative heater & propulsion system has very efficient heat exchange resulting in fast heat-up & recovery times. The adjustable flow rate means it can be used with delicate foods and combined with bottom intake, make the product capable in shallow baths - opening new possibilities for the chef. The clamp, foot & magnetic impeller are uniquely detachable & dishwasher safe for easy clean and descale. The HydroPro™ Plus features an integrated 'Smart' probe that gives chefs visibility & control of the cooking process through monitoring of the foods core temperature. The probe can be calibrated to ensure accuracy ( HACCP requirement ) and stores its calibration onboard for use with any HydroPro™ Plus unit. The device interfaces seamlessly with the HACCP Manager App for easy data logging & ready-to-send digital reports for health and safety inspections. The most common failure mode in existing circulators is degradation of the drive shaft seal. The HydroPro features an innovative magnetically coupled impeller, removing the seal and making the product completely waterproof & ensuring thousands of hours of maintenance free service. Usability is enhanced via a large touch screen and clean graphics for intuitive navigation.