Breville Super Q™ BBL925

  • 2019

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    Domestic Appliances

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Breville Group

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The Breville Super Q is a Commercial grade blender designed for the home kitchen. With a powerful 2400 Watt motor, personal blender attachment, vacuum pump accessory, noise suppression technology and one-touch programs, the Super Q delivers advanced texture optimisation, for smoother and finer food results.

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  • The benefit of high performance blending is extreme versatility; a platform capable of pulverizing seeds into flour, crushing ice into snow, combining smoothie ingredients to create a smooth mouthfeel, creating hot creamy soups from cold ingredients and numerous other functions. This required the optimization of vessel and blades as well as motor power, and temperature control. With liquid in the jug, the Super Q’s blades can travel over 300 revolutions per second, nuances in blade design and vessel geometry significantly impacting the results. In addition, these features must work in concert and seeking the right combination became the primary challenge.

  • To achieve optimal food results, many generations of prototypes were required for testing as well as hundreds of hours of prototype and off tool product life-testing. Competitor products were also tested to establish baseline performance and an understanding of a commercial grade blending experience. Aspects such as; Blade sharpness, angle, sharpening angle, tip design, thickness and material type, Pitcher rib design and Pitcher base aperture must work in concert. Using the vacuum pump accessory, all components were also designed to operate as effectively under vacuum. In total, Breville conducted testing for twenty-four months to achieve best in class performance.

  • Breville designs classic, durable, easy clean and serviceable products to keep, developing robust products that deliver to expectation is key. The Super Q repositions Breville at the forefront of high-performance blending. To achieve this, it was essential for Breville designers and engineers to lead with developing a product that could endure the most arduous use. Offering a ten-year warranty, material selection and extensive life testing was paramount to identifying issues and solutions that would produce a better blender, optimizing performance over extensive periods. The Super Q is also serviceable, with BPA free and FDA compliant polymers in food contact.

  • The Super Q is a commercially inspired blender. This dictates the product must be functionality simple with repeatable results. The control panel offers pre-programmed functions, designed to take the guess work out of blending. An Auto-Clean program allows the user to clean ingredients off the vessel walls at the touch of a button. The control dial offers a full range of manual operation, for improved precision, from low speed stir to high speed milling. The LCD display creates an opportunity for the user to develop and repeat recipes through speed, time and function display. The personal blending accessory customizes functionality, preventing ingredients from overheating due to the high motor power captive within a compact volume. The cooling fan has been separated from the Blender’s motor shaft, which reduces internal air turbulence and allows smoother airflow throughout the power base assembly. The housing construction integrates a unique, six stage, deep draw stainless-steel pressing that is assembled to a thick wall sectioned inner plastic housing. This creates a solid unified body that greatly reduces vibration. The jug assembly is designed for compatibility with a vacuum pump accessory. This extends the capability of the blender to combine ingredients in the absence of oxygen.