Bonds SnooZoo

  • 2022

  • Digital
    Apps and Software

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Every set of Bonds Home kids sheets unlocks a magical AR bedtime experience: The SnooZoo. A bunch of cute, colourful animals that roar to life to help your little cubs get ready for zzzzz’s. Simply scan the sheets and say hello to cute bedtime buddies that make up the SnooZoo.

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  • The eternal question: how do we get our kids to bed easier without using hypnosis? The agency and client came to us with the answer, which of course, is to make bedtime rituals fun and interactive. We got noodling on an AR experience that would bring the cuddly creatures on their bedding to life. Each set of sheets activates a unique variation of our three beloved characters - each wearing their own cute little Bonds socks that matches the pattern of your sheets!

  • We came up with the interactive AR concept as a fun way for kids to get involved in their own bedtime stories. The AR component allowed them to move freely around the bed encouraging active participation (and the burning of their remaining energy). We also wanted to design the experience to feel uniquely Bonds, we looked for opportunities to add in playful details such as adding the Bonds logo to each character's socks, or surprising 2D flourishes in the toothbrushing ritual where we see Bonds toothpaste/toothbrushes animating on screen making the experience even more engaging.

  • We wanted to help brands recognize the power and potential that WebAR technology has and the added interest it can bring to a campaign and in turn — their brand. This campaign strategy was unique in that it wasn’t just using Web AR to tell the story of the sheets or to make the sheets look appealing. The strategy involved using Web AR as an extra add-on component to the sheets. The user has to interact with the sheets to start the experience — a fresh and unique journey that adds value to the Bonds brand.

  • Web AR is becoming more and more mainstream as browser and on-device processing gets more powerful. Audiences are embracing new ways of engaging with brands, and we love opportunities to bring our exceptional craftsmanship and storytelling to new and interactive spaces. Using creative technology as a conduit is an exciting way of expanding how a brand message can feel as well as look.