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BMW Group Australia

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The BMW Z4 is the epitome embodiment of BMW’s mantra the ultimate driving machine. Designed to be visually thrilling the car excites and arouses passion in those who see it and inspires those with a desire to instantly want to drive it.

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  • To design the new Generation BMW Z4, a 2 Seat Roadster which evokes the highly emotional thrill of an open top sports car. As a BMW Z Roadster it should be a much more progressive product amongst the BMW Portfolio, pushing the brand further, while at the same time acknowledging and echoing the legacy and heritage of BMW’s 2 Seat Roadster Z car lineage. The is a high performance sports car and the design must also echo this, accounting also for innovations, weight, engineering and aerodynamics. Ultimate driving machine has for a long time been a part of BMW’s soul, and as 2 seat sports car this would be one of the strongest embodiments of that mantra.

  • Modern and emotional surfacing with twisting transitions of light and shadow, and precisely controlled linework blend with classical roadster proportions to create the dramatic impression of an emotional thrilling sports car. Bold musculature emphasizes the wheels and gives a strong stance. Design themes like the kidneys and rocker line lower the visual centre of gravity bringing the car closer to the road emphasizing the performance capabilities. The high sitting headlamps and low wide kidneys reference the BMW Roadster legacy of the Z8. Simultaneously the design pushes BMW forward with vertically stacked double headlights, a new wedge design, new mesh grill, angular linework and three-dimensional taillamps. The canvas roof saves weight, and the boot features great storage capacity for a sports car.

  • The Z4 Roadster is a dream machine and a brand shaper. It’s highly emotional form evokes the thrill of the BMW mantra Ultimate Driving Machine. As a roadster it triggers all the senses –sight, smell, and sounds. The surrounding environment enter the cockpit and thrill the driver and passenger for a heightened multisensory experience. The design expresses this thrill through the proportions, modern shapes and surfaces, dramatic sculpture and fine details. The Z4 is a brand shaper for BMW and generates excitement, enthusiasm and passion for the entire BMW brand and is a dream machine for the all generations.

  • Radar technology is cleverly integrated into air intake detailing to have a clean look on the front end. The 3D rear lamps are slim and futuristic in design, and are uninterrupted by any rear trunk shutlines, while still enabling strong segment luggage capacity regardless whether the roof is up or down, with XX more litres over the predecessor. Airintake detailing and the Air Breather behind the front wheel aerodynamically lower drag. The dramatically sculpted rear spoiler is integrated into the trunk and provides downforce, while being sculpted in such a way to allow for rainwater to drip off. The design fabric roof saves XXkg in weight enhancing performance. A plate structure beneath the canvas top creates a sporty sweeping roof line when the top is closed.