Blinder Road Bike Light

  • 2020

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Commissioned By:

Hugo Davidson

Mal McKechnie

Designed In:


The original Blinder Road set the standards by which serious road cyclist’s bike lights are measured. Combining lightweight design, perfect beam angles, powerful light output and unique mounting system made the Blinder an instant classic.

Now we present the redesigned Blinder Road our most powerfully perfect road bike light ever.

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  • There is no such thing as a universal bike-light. Depending on end-use and even bike type dictate the best bike light to use. This reason alone was the rationale for developing the “Blinder Road”. We set out to design the perfect light for a road cyclist. It needed to be the lightest in its class relative to lumens, provide narrow and wide beam angles for various road conditions, have an intuitive user interface that allowed safety flash modes while also providing steady flood and spot beams and versatile and stylish enough to fit with a multitude of high-end bicycle cockpits.

  • Knog’s first challenge was addressing the size and form of existing bike lights. By using high discharge LIPO batteries and 2 x advanced optic collimators – we reduced the profile and revolutionize the overall form and package of this light to better integrate with today’s carbon road bikes. The mounting position relative to the beam output was also revolutionary, and the fastening system accommodates the latest aerobar carbon cockpits without the need for a separate mount while also allowing the Blinder Road to be mounted above or below the handlebars providing extra space for other devices such as bike computers.

  • The new Blinder Road is an updated design of one of the most revolutionary Bike lights ever made. Utilising a silicone and aluminum body, combined with 2 LED creates not just 2 light-beams of differing angles, but a range of lighting options that both provide safety and the optimum illumination for various road conditions. Combining an anodized aluminum body with etched graphics, compliment the rear silicon housing user interface and fastening system. The optics are retained by exposed umbreko Hex head screws, providing strength and a sense of purpose to the design.

  • Powerful & lightweight Using advanced high discharge LIPO batteries helps the Blinder Road produce a hugely impressive 600 lumens of light output without the need for heavy traditional battery packs. Functional good looks The Blinder Road’s unique anodized head sink utilises quality aluminum diecasting which also that doubles as a heat sink. Waterproof & environmentally friendly The Blinder road is 100% waterproof with a rating of IP68. The light is charged via integrated USB, which means so it does not require additional cables to charge from a USB Port. Unique fastening system Utilizing silicone to create the elastomeric strap combined with and over-molded polycarbonate clip system allows Blinder Road to adaptable to the many various configurations required of today’s road cyclist’s, many of whom have GPS systems on their bikes. Advanced LEDs & optics Blinder Road utilizes 2 LED’s each independently capable of 400lm of output or 600lm when used together. The LHS optic has a 12-degree beam for Spot light – and racing/flash smooth roads. Whilst the RHS Optic has 32-degree beam for flood light – slower riding on bumpy or uneven riding conditions Each Led have a variety of flash patterns and function independent of the other.