VenTek – Smart Fare Vending Machine

  • 2021

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

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VenTek International

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The VenTek SFVM is a Smart Fare Vending Machine allowing the unattended purchase of tickets for public transit, parking, entry, and other applications.

The SFVM’s modular design is configurable to customer requirements and suited to any industry application that requires tickets to be purchased.

Fully ADA Compliant – accessible for all users.

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  • The SFVM needed to meet over 600+ requirements (Customer + Operator + Technician, Product, Engineering and Brand). Accessible: SFVM needed to meet ergonomic + ADA requirements to ensure a friendly and intuitive experience for all users. Modular: configurable to suit multi-industry applications, upgradable, reduce operational + maintenance costs, and deliver the highest functionality-to-footprint ratio in its class. Built tough: 24/7 operation - thousands of transactions a day, withstand the elements (freezing through desert extremes), and be impenetrable to the attempts of vandals. Design language development: bring aesthetic + usability optimisations found in consumer technology to VenTek's public/private infrastructure systems, improve usability + open new business opportunities.

  • SFVM's minimal interface avoids confusing labels and ad-hoc directions common to the class. Featuring an ergonomic height and 12-degree angled interface panel (anti-reflective), 15" full colour touch-display, multi-payment modules (cash, card, NFC, QR + more) and ticket dispensing. The interface also provides physical navigation keys, braille labels, tactile icons, and an AUX input. Additionally, each interface module features an LED ring that illuminates when interaction is required providing a visual guide that leads users through the purchase process. Fully ADA Compliant. 10-Year lifespan. Delivers the highest functionality-to-footprint ratio in its class. All interface and internal components configurable to operator requirements + application. Modular components allow 'Swap + replace' for malfunctioning elements and upgradability. Given the angular form driven by user friendly ergonomics, the hinge position is unconventional requiring custom hinges allowing easy access to internals. The SFVM withstands weather extremes (-40°C to +40°C / freezing through to desert temperatures / IP54: water + dust proof) and is impenetrable to attempts of vandals (resistant to a German standard, 250kg weight, deadbolted, 4 levels of physical security - vault/revenue protection zones). The SFVM effectively eliminates operator service visits to refill cash, featuring 'recyclable' coin/bill hopper systems, reducing one of the biggest maintenance overheads faced by operators.

  • Fully ADA Compliant: Ticket purchasing interface that has been optimised for all users, all elements combine to an approachable friendly appearance that is minimalist, understandable, and simplifies the process for all users compared to usually cluttered alternative/legacy systems. A focus on enhanced usability (inclusivity), best-in-class footprint to functionality and pleasing aesthetics has presented opportunities that would not have occurred with VenTek's more traditional 'refrigerator' square box designs. SFVM 10-Year Lifespan provides peace of mind, whilst modular components enable custom configuration to specific customer requirements/applications and ensure easy maintenance + upgradability. Weather resistant design and impenetrable security features ensure 24/7 operation and revenue protection. Top static backlit panel provides space for announcements or advertisements (potential additional source of revenue). Quality materials and modularity allows individual components to be exchanged if malfunctioning or swapped out for upgrades. Culturally the hassle of public transport exists as a barrier to use for many patrons - Simplifying a part of using public transport services encourages greater use by the public, reducing the burden placed on the environment and roads infrastructure caused by overuse of personal vehicles.

  • SFVM: 3+ year investments in development. Tested to successfully meet all 600+ requirements. Smart design reduces the cognitive burden of navigating legacy competitor systems that have taken an ad-hoc approach to design and usability. A leap in aesthetics that brings design optimisations found in consumer technologies to VenTek's public/private infrastructure ticketing system. SFVM is networked with wireless communication to talk 'back-to-base' enabling operators to monitor + manage units for anywhere. The SFVM features a stainless-steel brush finish, a sloped awning preventing snow/water build up, and is equipped with heating/cooling systems + an emergency backup battery. A soft box-light shines from the awning illuminating the glossy rear printed (black) impact resistant poly-carbonate fascia. The top backlit static panel is a customisable space for announcements + advertisements. Materials chosen were driven by the production batch volumes and the environment the product is used, where extreme weather and public space security are real issues that can impact up-time. SFVM has no externally visible fasteners, screws or hinges. Dimensions: 890 x 510 x 1735mm Weight: 250KG