Blaze B400 and B700

  • 2022

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    Domestic Appliances

Commissioned By:

Glen Dimplex Australia

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Blaze B400 and B700 are extremely modern, portrait and landscape orientation wood heaters. High quality finishes, premium materials, fan-forced convection, and exceptional craftsmanship solidify the positioning of the Blaze B400 and B700 as refined and design focused wood heaters that would suit any modern home.

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  • Contemporary, design focused wood heaters are common in Europe, in particular portrait orientation wood heaters as they are more suited to compact living conditions. While being modern and aesthetically appealing, these models are not generally suited to the Australian market, as they have smaller fireboxes to suit European softwoods and generally do not burn Australian hardwood as well. The brief for this project was to create a pair of modern, Euro-style wood heaters catering to the Australian market with excellent heating performance, fan-forced convection, a stunning large viewing window, manufactured to a high standard.

  • Blaze B400 and B700 are Australian designed wood heaters specifically for the Australian market. Using high quality materials, contrasting tones of metallic black, bright stainless steel and jet-black shadow lines - B400 and B700 are heaters with a striking presence. Modern wood heaters that exemplify what it means to be premium. B400 and B700 have generously sized fireboxes to suit Australian hardwood, with brick lining for longevity and greater thermal mass. A 3 speed, remote controlled fan draws cool air from the base of the heater and propels heated air from an outlet at the top, efficiently heating the home.

  • Previously if a user desired a high-end, design focused wood heater - they would have to purchase a unit that had been designed for a different market, as such it would perform poorly in Australian conditions. Blaze B400 and B700 offer a combination of high-end design, with the functionality that is required of a wood heater in Australia. B400 and B700 are covered by a 10 year firebox warranty, ensuring that the user will be able to enjoy the modernity of their design and efficiently heat their home for years to come.

  • Blaze B400 and B700 are fan-forced convection wood heaters - they draw cool air from the base of the heater and expel heated air at the top, aided by a remote-controlled fan at the base of the heater, which boosts the circulation of air around the firebox, jetting heated air from an outlet in the top plate. B400 and B700 are designed with spaciously sized fireboxes to suit Australian wood - unlike units designed for other markets. With a brick lined firebox and vermiculite baffle, both heaters retain a higher internal temperature during operation resulting in a cleaner and hotter burn. These features are responsible for the B400’s robust 10kw output – a figure it achieves while also being 27% cleaner burning than the Australian Standard, and 3% more efficient, while the B700 achieves an output of 16kw, 27% cleaner and 4% more efficient than the Standard. Air supplies are controlled with simple, smooth air controls. B400 with a single primary control, and B700 with both primary and secondary air controls. Full steel doors, featuring a single pane of expansive, flame-resistant glass give the user an unparalleled view of the crackling fire. Both feature a wood storage area and remote controlled fan.