Ahrend Qabin

  • 2021

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

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Royal Ahrend

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The Qabin collection is a ‘space in space’ solution to prevent distraction and provide privacy in an open plan office. Like a self-contained private office within the work environment, Qabin provides an escape for one or more employees to make video calls, talk privately or just concentrate on their work.

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  • Noise from other people's conversations or phone calls can disrupt one's concentration every 11 minutes and reduce productivity by 15%. On top of that, the huge uptake of video conferencing and virtual meetings as a result of Covid-19 means the impact of noise and distraction will be greater than ever in the post covid workplace. While the solution of a acoustics booth for the office is not new, many achieve acoustic performance at the expense of comfort, well-being and sustainability. Our approach is to achieve a balance of class leading performance and sustainability with well-being at its center.

  • To align with our cradle to cradle sustainability commitments, we were very careful to only use recycled and sustainable acoustic materials to meet the ISO23351 standard. A new standard which measure speech reduction specifically for furniture ensembles and enclosures. Incased in a sheet-metal shell instead of wood or fabric, ensures longevity of finishes and guarantees complete recyclability and zero TVOC emissions. In order to achieve the highest level of comfort and well-being, Qabin's adjustable ventilation system has the highest air-flow capacity and our uniquely designed airflow dynamics ensure occupants are comfortable and free from heat, CO2 and humidity build up.

  • Ability to isolate noise creates a more peaceful and productive office environment where it is needed. This can improve people's sense of accomplishment and relieve stress from distractions. It also provides a dedicated place for small meetings, phone calls and virtual meetings in private without occupying a room designed for larger groups. Qabin's unique ventilation-system makes occupants feel comfortable by taking away the feeling of stuffiness and mugginess which can lead to headaches and exhaustion. Designed following the cradle-to-cradle principals, Qabin is made from 20.78% rapidly-renewable materials and 41.02% recycled materials and 93.26% of the entire product is recyclable.

  • Qabin was designed with modular construction which allows for refurbishment and replacement of parts before its end of life recycling. It was also designed to be extremely agile, with optional castors and ability to be completely erected from flatpack in less than 2 hours.