Blackmagic Fairlight Desktop Console

  • 2021

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    Commercial and Industrial

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Blackmagic Design

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Developed in parallel with Da Vinci Resolve 17, the Fairlight Desktop Console is a complete audio mixing surface that enhances the post-production workflows of Hollywood cinema, streaming television and live broadcasts. Costing just AUD$4650, it offers precise, intuitive mixing of complex audio productions with a clear, familiar control layout.

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  • In the wake of COVID-19 and the worldwide shift to socially distanced businesses, there emerged an urgent need for miniaturised, professional audio post-production tools suitable for both the studio and the home. Traditional consoles, although powerful, are typically large and overly complex, designed primarily as permanent fixtures in large-scale facilities. Software-only audio engineering is inherently slower because it is limited by the speed of mouse-click operations. Demanding on-going scrutiny they are prone to distract the focus of audio engineers from the composition itself.

  • Offering efficient control over channel parameters, EQ, dynamics and plug-ins, the Fairlight Desktop Console features twelve motorised faders, refined for optimal resistance, allowing subtle track adjustments that can be monitored in real-time on high resolution LCDs above each channel. Encoder knobs are completely silent, vital in sensitive audio studios. The bespoke search dial with adaptive electronic clutch provides fast, responsive timeline navigation, while illuminated buttons are rated to over a million operations. The precision CNC machined aluminium work surface can be installed completely flat into a desk, with a soft- touch hand rest for on-going comfort during long mixing sessions.

  • Designed in collaboration with the world's leading audio engineers, the impact of the ultra-compact Fairlight Desktop Console, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, cannot be overstated. Consolidating a complex array of audio mixing and editing tools into a clear, logical control surface that is familiar to experienced artists and approachable to novices, it has enabled mainstream broadcasters to react quickly to the crisis. Highly portable and effortlessly set-up with out-of-the-box plug n' play functionality, it has facilitated the quick establishment of home studios to allow presenters to continue producing professional content indistinguishable from regular programming.

  • The Fairlight Desktop Console is a complete audio mixing control surface for mixing multiple tracks at once, automating parameters and plug in settings, controlling channel functions, recording, monitoring, and navigating projects. Ideal for new users, smaller studios, commercials, online and independent work, it features: Motorized Faders Twelve belt-driven 100mm motorized faders offer precision volume control for adjusting levels. The bank control buttons switch between fader sets to control different channels. Channel Strip Controls Each fader channel strip has its own dedicated solo and mute buttons for quick isolation or muting of tracks. Multi-function select buttons load track parameters, and activate automation and plug in controls. Channel Status Displays High resolution LCD screens located above each fader strip displays track name, number and color, along with panning status, channel level meters and automation state. Multifunction Pan Knob The multifunction pan knob with rotary encoder is used for panning or assigned to control other Fairlight parameters without introducing signal noise. Plug and Play With plug and play functionality straight out of the box, the Fairlight Desktop Console instantly provides professional editors with a more efficient way of working. Ergonomics Replaceable soft-touch hand rest ensures on-going comfort, reducing fatigue during long post-production sessions.