Batwing Awning

  • 2018

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    Sport and Lifestyle

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The Batwing Awning provides 270° of shade and 11m² of coverage around a vehicle, rapidly deployed by one person. Made from a water and mould resistant, heavy duty material, rated to UPF 50+ and Cancer Council endorsed, the Batwing offers fast and generous sun protection, designed for rugged outback use.

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  • Vehicle mounted awnings vary widely in quality. The design crux of the Batwing was to achieve a premium, robust shade solution at a fiercely competitive price point. The goal was to enter the market with an awning 2/3 the price of equivalent 'rapid deploy' awnings. Improvements to set up time required inventive solutions to embody all functions within the unit and to minimise gratuitous steps. Ensuring maintainability of the product powers greater customer service satisfaction and lowers possible repair costs.

  • The inclusion of deployable poles within the arms immediately expedited setup time. The development of magnetic stowage of arms and poles creates a refined, 'non-catch' fascia incorporated within an impact protective housing. The Batwing achieved it's pricing goal without compromising material or finish quality. The use of injection moulded components in lieu of castings reduced weight and cost whilst maintaining strength. The magnetic stowage relies on square contact with rotational hardware. To reduce wasteful non-conforming aluminium, hinge mouldings were designed to absorb extrusion twist.

  • As a new financially accessible vehicle awning, the Batwing Awning encourages sun safe practices in outdoor adventure activities. Cancer Council recognises and endorses the Batwing's capability to be an unintrusive addition to a user's enjoyment whilst in the sun. Through pricing improvements, Rhino-Rack now donates funds with the sale of every Batwing towards assisting Cancer Council research. The Batwing's entry to the awning market shifts the norm of the expected price tag for a rapid deployed awning. Consumer's can now access a high quality awning, with easy and fast deployment at two thirds the cost of an equivalent competitor.

  • * Pegs and guy ropes stored in an internal pocket of the awning bag * All components are self contained within the awning unit * Poly Oxford Water Resistant PU2000mm Awning material * All stitching seam sealed for water proofing. * Independently tested UV 50+ material rating endorsed by Cancer Council * Loosely fitted 580gsm PVC bag with large zippers to allow for varying stowing methods of customers. * Effortless serviceability for easy field repair and long product lifespan * Plastic moulded hinge designed as sacrificial component in high wind applications. In an event of the awning being lifted by a strong updraft, the plastic component breaks before the aluminium arms can deform permanently. * Injection moulded foot with channels for directing dual, crossing pegs. Moulded pole foot has a broad base for use on hard and soft surfaces. * The drop down hinges include a loop for secure attachment of guy ropes to poles. * Support poles can be set and stowed at preset, vehicle specific height. * Moulded cleat included for loop of retention strap. * Rear channels for attachment of brackets to most competitor vehicle crossbars and attachment of additional accessories. * Awning connects with extension pieces via incorporated zips to expand or enclose shade area * Steel Brackets included in kit.