Aura Sofa

  • 2023

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Commissioned By:

King Living

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Aura sofa is a response to our change in living style and a strategy to capture new younger audience to create brand longevity and value.

Image: AURA Ricepaper
Image: AURA DeepLagoon
Image: AURA Detail shot
Image: AURA Deeplagoon Detailed shot
Image: AURA darklagoon
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  • AURA is a response to the shift towards open-plan and compact living spaces. We believe that small spaces shouldn't limit design options, which is why we've created AURA to be a perfect balance of art, comfort, and function. Our biggest challenge was to create soft curves that are both durable and comfortable, while ensuring transformability for users to adapt the sofa to their changing needs in multifunctional open plan spaces. Additionally, we faced a significant hurdle in incorporating storage within the curvy frame. Despite these challenges, AURA's sculptural and practical design offers luxurious comfort that enhances the modern living space.

  • AURA tackled the challenges of achieving transformability and storage with our innovative design approach. Our flexible back design adapts to different curves at various positions on the sofa, allowing it to create different seating configurations and adapt to changing room functions. Accessing the storage space is effortless, thanks to the loose backs that travel upwards and allow for maximum storage capacity. To further enhance functionality, we've made it possible to add accessories such as side tables and in the future, accessory lights can be included. These thoughtful design features provide a multifunctional and customisable furniture solution.

  • AURA is not only a beautiful and practical piece of furniture, but it also has significant environmental and societal benefits. The durable steel frame structure ensures long-lasting use, reducing the need for frequent repairs and replacements. Additionally, AURA's removable covers, panels, and parts make it easy to repair and recycle at the end of its life, promoting sustainability. From a societal perspective, AURA adapts to the changing ways we use our living spaces, accommodating various functions such as a TV room, lounging area, or even an office. As such, AURA is a forward-thinking and adaptable furniture solution for modern lifestyles.

  • In addition to its innovative design features, AURA have kept the KING DNA and insist on featuring our unique Postureflex ® system coupled with springs to maximise comfort and durability. It is challenging to use non-stretch fabric for a multidirectional curve design, but we are committed to exceeding expectations, and we are offering our full range of fabrics and leathers to make sure this sofa can truly fit in any home. Moreover, we've designed the AURA to be fully disassembled at its end of life. No timber panelling is used, all components can be easily separated to then be recycled, reused or replaced. All fabric and leather covers are fully removable for cleaning or upgrade. This also makes the AURA easily serviceable to truly be a long-lasting piece to keep.