Nitro Evolve LTE Handheld

  • 2021

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Commissioned By:

Motorola Solutions Inc.

Designed In:

United States of America

Nitro Evolve LTE connects enterprise teams in commercial environments such as factories, utilities, transportation, and hospitality. It provides easy to use smartphone functionality along with the safety and security of radio communication demanded in enterprise settings.

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  • Enterprise communication users are accustomed to relying on smartphones for data yet they continue to need instant, reliable voice communication via two-way radio. This need for multiple communication modes creates a multiple device management problem. Designers were tasked with combining these often incompatible technologies into a single device in order to reduce the number of items users carry while accessing all features via a single, unified interface.

  • Designers developed a form equally at home with both traditional two-way radio operators and contemporary smartphone users. Nitro Evolve LTE presents a universal form factor that is pleasant to hold, wearable, and ready for the rigors of constant daily use. The form conveys ruggedness while remaining approachable and understandable. The physical volume knob and integrated antenna bulge affirm that the product has radio capability but the bulk of previous radio devices is eliminated. This solution results from proper resolution of functional elements. It is intended to assure the user of its purpose to improve productivity and assure safety.

  • Enterprise organizations frequently indicate that any improvement in communication yields increased safety and efficiency. Nitro Evolve LTE reduces downtime and demands on users as automatic updates are able to be managed over the air. This keeps workers in the field and focused on their tasks instead of their device. Keeping workers safe and informed benefits society by assuring that overall systems and safety protocols perform better. Remote software upgradability along with mil-spec ruggedized construction assure a sustainable 5-7 year service life which outperforms the "throw-away" obsolescence and constant replacement cycles of currently available solutions.

  • Nitro Evolve LTE was developed with these features to serve as further differentiators from typical consumer devices: -Builds on users' familiarity with Android functionality and applications. -It adapts to evolving needs with remote software updates designed to avoid disrupting user tasks. System managers are able to push new applications to the device fleet without the time consuming task of physically gathering and redeploying radios. -Physical controls provide a greater tactility experience with a dedicated volume knob and physical rocker switch. -A glove operable screen assures contact even in wet or dusty environments. -Controls allow quick access and high tactility while maintaining a low impact on the overall form. -A top mounted emergency button gives users instant communication in urgent situations. -Large speakers and louder, clearer audio provide receive and transmit quality which far outperforms consumer smart devices. This is critical in the high noise environments often encountered in the enterprise space. -Sufficient battery capacity for two 8 hour shifts and water submersibility for up to 2 hours.