AM09 Dyson Hot + Cool

  • 2015

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    Domestic Appliances

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Great Britain

People feel comfortable at different temperatures. Even in well-managed air environments some people will feel too hot or too cold. But while many fan heaters claim to project air to every corner of the room, they often wheeze it out, heading it straight up to the ceiling.

By refining and channelling the airflow, Dyson engineers have developed AM09, a fan heater which enables you to quickly switch between personal and full room heating in the winter, or cooling in the summer.

AM09 is Dyson’s latest bladeless generation. Inspired by the Coanda effect, which causes air to change direction as it travels over a surface, it is the only machine engineered to use Dyson Jet Focus Technology.

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  • For concentrated personal heating and cooling, air is released from a jet and accelerated over an airfoil shaped ramp to produce a narrow flow of air. For whole room use a second jet of air joins the first, broadening its angle, to produce a wide stream of powerful air.

  • Coupled with Dyson Jet Focus Technology, AM09 is now 75% quieter than AM05 due to improved airflow pathways and a new aerodynamic diffuser. This simplifies the path the air takes, reducing unnecessary turbulence.