Alfa Romeo 4C

  • 2015

  • Product
    Automotive and Transport

Commissioned By:

Alfa Romeo

Designed In:


Designed by Alfa Romeo Centro Stile in Italy, the development of the 4C’s exterior was characterised from the start by the need to create a perfect union between style and performance. For this reason, all the style solutions adopted work in harmony with the ultimate goal of the car: performance. The surfaces were treated as a sculpture and engineers worked side-by-side with the designers to carve all the innovative aerodynamic solutions out of it. The result of this teamwork led to a car that conveys pure sports style through a union of technology and beauty, which is essential for any Alfa Romeo sports car.

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  • SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound) is used for the bodywork. It is a low-density, high-resistance composite which offers a 20% weight reduction compared to the traditional steel shell. The Alfa Romeo 4C is the first standard production vehicle with such a high percentage of low-density SMC: at just 1.5g/cm³ it is significantly lighter than steel (~7.8 g/cm³) and aluminium (~2.7 g/cm³), as well as being more malleable. This feature granted freedom in terms of style and design necessary to create a stunning car recognisable at first glance. It is also a stable material which, in contrast to aluminium, does not deform in minor collisions, and is extremely resistant to chemical and atmospheric agents.