A Rotunda for ‘ Reflective Encounters ‘

  • 2021

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

North Sydney Council

Designed In:


Located in Saint Peters Park in North Sydney, the site-specific work reflected the surrounding park, high-rises, sky, and passers-by in its specialist glass mirror and stainless steel structure. It was designed by the Artist to enable visitors to walk beneath the work and peer up into its mirror interior.

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Image: Studio Damien Butler
Image: Studio Damien Butler
Image: North Sydney Council
Image: North Sydney Council
Image: North Sydney Council
Image: North Sydney Council
Image: North Sydney Council
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  • Although the park in North Sydney is a prime position for views towards the Harbor and the Bridge, the park space itself was often taken for granted as a place to spend time. The work was developed to draw audiences in and facilitate the community, visitors and an audiences at large to spent time contemplating the environment around them without overwhelming the space.

  • The geometry of the work was based on an altered rhombic triacontahedron with is a polyhedron with thirty rhombic faces. The remaining twenty faces were each embellished with four glass mirrors, this creates kaleidoscopes that could be viewed from below. Reflected by the abutting mirrors, the angled apertures conjured unique views of the geometrical forms and the environment around. The immaterial reflections of the building around, the trees, the weather and the harbor are bought together to remind us of where we are in the world.

  • A rotunda for reflective encounters is a work that lies in the action of experiencing it. Rather like an passive light apparatus, if no one is there to experience it the art in the work does not exist. The viewer is trusted to bring their own past experiences to the site and stop for a moment to take their time to reflect in what is happening. Instead of just been a spectator you become sited. This becomes your opportunity affect others experience of the work and there for become the work that is forever changing over time.

  • Minimal interruption to the ground surface below.