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ZETR is a range of refined and integrated power outlets, switch grids and electrical fixtures. The Australian designed product was intended for integration into a range of architectural spaces, where materiality and tactility are at the forefront. It’s a product designed to solve problems, challenge aesthetics and truly redefine electrical expectations.

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  • To continually reimagine conventional electrical in the spaces we live, work and play. Traditionally, electrical outlets and switches were designed as clunky, obtrusive square or rectangular forms. We wanted to challenge decades of convention and create a minimal electrical outlet that is highly functional, and as clean to install as traditional electrical fixtures, while acting as a quiet and complimentary detail within a surface.

  • The ZETR_12 series brings the ZETR signature capsule shape to a slim surface mounted profile, elevating and echoing architectural finishes. Our vision for refined electrical continues into series _12, it's minimal, curved design features Australia's slimmest defined edge profile. Also streamlining a simple onsite installation across a range of materials and surface types.

  • After the success of the ZETR_13 flush series, and years of industry feedback on the need to extend the ZETR offering into more accessible projects via a surface mounted option, we created _12 surfaced. The commercial impact of this will allow designers and project managers to specify their electrical fixtures with consistency, in more accessible places due to the unobtrusive nature of the subtle design. Allows designers to bring their projects to life without the clunky addition of standard electrical outlets. The subtlety of the ZETR_12 series makes it a major disrupter in what is a stagnant market.

  • -Brings the ZETR capsule shape to a surface mounted range. -ZETR_12 is surface mounted and can be installed with speed and ease into varying wall types including plaster board, stone, tile, timber and rendered walls using our proprietary mounting assemblies for both new and retro fit application. -Our range includes double outlets, as well as 1, 2, 3, and 4 gang switch grids. -Compatible with a range of switching, dimming and automation systems, allowing architects, designers and specifiers the ability to use the product through an entire project. -The design steps away from the conventional square and rectangular formats, introducing a minimal curved form, creating beauty in the visual impact switches and outlets can have within spaces. -Innovatively designed internal auto-switching mechanism removes the need for a physical switch creating an aesthetic that is undisrupted, minimal and refined. -Designed with inbuilt safety shutters, making them tamper proof. -The cover plate is interchangeable. This ensures longevity as the product is easily updated by the end-user. -Designed for disassembly. Parts of varying materials are easily separated and recycled for end-of-life.