Zergotech Freedom Ergonomic Keyboard

  • 2020

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    Consumer Electronics

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The Zergotech Freedom is the world’s most innovative ergonomic keyboard. The Freedom is a programmable, mechanical, and split ergonomic keyboard with a unique semi-orthogonal design and innovative sliding palm rests. The Freedom breaks new ground in ergonomics with patented sliding palm rests which alleviate RSI and wrist pain.

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Image: Nathan Khoury
Image: Nathan Khoury
Image: Nathan Khoury
Image: Nathan Khoury
Image: Nathan Khoury
Image: Nathan Khoury
Image: Nathan Khoury
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  • With computer keyboards being among the most ubiquitous electronic devices in the world, very few combine premium build quality with applied ergonomics. Our mission was to create such a product and, in the process, relieve the pain that many keyboard users experience daily. Existing ergonomic keyboards are typically targeted at gamers, are intimidating to use, ineffective at addressing RSI pain, of poor build quality, and are generally inappropriate for office use. This makes it difficult for RSI sufferers to access an effective and enjoyable solution that isn’t distracting or obvious to others.

  • The ‘Freedom’ is centered around a novel and effective innovation – the sliding palm rest. Sliding palm rests allow the user’s wrists to remain neutral and supported while roaming around the keyboard on a dedicated and textured glass surface. Other attributes that help alleviate typing related injuries include the semi orthogonal key layout which improves symmetry of reach, the split design with four different angled positions, on-board key programmability for user customization, and a choice of two key switch types. Internal design considerations include an attractive white silk-screen PCB, and acoustic foam to reduce key echo. All with appealing aesthetics

  • The Freedom has ergonomically proven results with many users enjoying relief from wrist pain. This has made their work environment much healthier and potentially saved careers from debilitating typing pain. Zergotech attended the national HFESA ergonomic conference in November 2019 and received enthusiastic reviews from attending professionals. In particular, users of the keyboard thoroughly enjoy the use of the sliding palm rests, immediately noting the surprising effectiveness of the innovation. Commercially, the Freedom addresses a market gap in the overlap between ergonomic keyboards and mechanical keyboards. The Freedom is also applauded in other international forums.

  • The Freedom achieves more in one keyboard than any other in the market place. Key features include: - Sliding palm rests which alleviate wrist pain by allowing the hands to freely roam around the keyboard. - Interchangeable fixed palm rests for a more traditional approach to typing. - A textured glass slider bay for optimal glide and durability - Two variants of mechanical key switches for an enjoyable and premium typing experience. - Semi-orthogonal key layout for ergonomic hand movements and symmetry of reach, while maintaining a familiar layout. - Split design to allow users to correct posture. The keyboard is internally rotated, and slightly tented by default to always remain in a healthy position. - Three key layouts to integrate all key characters in a small footprint. - Onboard Programmable macros giving users the ultimate in customization. Macros provide the options to swap, copy, move, erase, and restore keys, including ability to record multiple key combinations. - Multiple keyboard angles to match the users seated position and preferences. - Unique key cap profile design deviating from standard known profiles. - Internal echo reducing acoustic foam - Mac and Windows variants - Stylish and appealing design.