Z Energy Sharetank

  • 2020

  • Digital
    Apps and Software

Commissioned By:

Z Energy Limited

Designed In:

New Zealand

Sharetank is a virtual fuel tank you can fill anytime, anywhere and share with up to 5 friends or family members. Launched as a world-first in New Zealand in late 2019.

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  • Retail fuel prices can be extremely volatile as a result of changing production costs, variable markups, and amount of competition, amongst other factors. Customers often complain about this variability of fuel prices, both in terms of fluctuations over time, and in regional price differences. Z Energy sought to solve for this common customer complaint. Using a human-centered-design approach, Z Energy asked “how might we increase confidence in customers they are getting a fair deal?”.

  • Sharetank is a virtual fuel tank you can fill anytime, anywhere. Until now, Kiwis have had pay the price of fuel on the day when their tank ran low and were limited to the size of their tank. Sharetank allows customers to pre-buy fuel when the price is right for them, getting Z’s lowest pump price within a 30km radius, eliminating the need to drive across town to get the best deal. Customers can share their balance with up to 5 friends and whānau and redeem at Z stations nationwide.

  • - Sharetank has given customers control over variable fuel prices and the ability for others to manage fuel spend centrally. “The convenience of using pre-purchased fuel and sharing this with others is awesome. Love that I can contribute to my emission offsets" —Customer - Z has validated our hypothesis for the Sharetank trial and—with over 20,000 users in the 180 days—it's on route to be on our key offers in the market. "Sharetank has an overwhelmingly positive impact on Z." —Independent 3rd-Party Research - Z has given customers tools to monitor their environmental impact of their fuel spend and choose to offset.

  • - Lowest price. Purchase fuel at the lowest Z price in 30km, and when customers see a price they like, can purchase up to 1000L of fuel, and redeem the fuel at any Z in the country. - Share with others. Invite and share their tank with up to 5 others—whether it's family, colleagues, or friends—they'll all enjoy access. People no longer have to hand over cash or cards, not knowing if it will be spent on fuel. - Account management. Stay on top of Sharetank account in real time with push notifications and a clear activity dashboard that shows top ups, savings, and redemptions. - Get in and get out redemption. Simply scan Z App at the pump, or use our other world-first, "toll-road" fuel experience, Fastlane. - Choose to offset. Automatically see CO2 emissions from redemptions and offset them through local permanent forests, all within Z App. - Price protection at the pump. If the pump price is lower at redemption, we'll let customers know, giving them ultimate transparency and choice. - Bonus litres. Customers are delightfully surprised with a bonus litre reward for topping-up more fuel, exponentially growing with each threshold hit. View how-to videos here: http://help.sharetank.co.nz/en/articles/3279903-how-to-videos-to-quickly-learn-how-sharetank-works