Xprecia Stride™ Coagulation Analyzer

  • 2015

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    Medical and Scientific

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The Xprecia Stride™ Coagulation system offers significant advantages with a modern ergonomic design and a superior user experience designed to improve point-of-care blood coagulation testing. All system elements integrate good design principles, usability & state-of-the art enhancements to improve the testing experience for patients and professionals. The design of the analyzer, user interface, packaging & its components are comparable to leading consumer brands. The level of quality & design far exceeds other medical devices. Modern icon-based GUI is designed to reduce user errors. Unique test strip-eject button safely disposes used test strips. Integrated barcode scanner simplifies data entry.

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  • Xprecia Stride presents a complete departure in design for this category. The asymmetric form & strip design allow for easier and more efficient sample collection and application to improve patient comfort and reduced anxiety during testing. The strip insertion point is much easier to use while the screen is fully in view. The analyzer is designed to be ambidextrous, lightweight and with easily accessible interaction points, the power on button and the strip ejection button. The rest of the interaction with the analyzer is through the intuitive graphical user interface that is easy to use & visually appealing.

  • Xprecia Stride is incorporating cutting edge Siemens' hemostasis technology and Universal Biosensors' electrochemical biosensors strip technology in a groundbreaking point-of-care device for lab quality results. Its compact form factor, ease of use & quality of results enables more frequent monitoring as well as urgent emergency care monitoring of blood clotting tendencies in patients. By measuring the ratio of prothrombin time over international normalized ratio (PT/INR) oral anticoagulation therapy (OAT) can be managed by the patient-care team. These suite of (strip design, sensors, hardware & software) technologies enables the unique value proposition of this system.

  • The analyzer's design incorporates a comprehensive graphical user interface to guide the user during the testing process. It's simplicity in physical design and the incorporation of a strip ejection mechanism eliminates the need for the user to touch bloody used test strips. Furthermore, the device has a unique feature in its test strip pop-off cap. The test strip protective cap includes a series of carefully designed and engineered capillary channels. In a low probability “flooding” event of a larger than usual blood sample, these capillaries immediately draw the blood away from the electronics on the test strip port. The protective cap can be easily removed for cleaning.

  • The product uses best in class materials to meet its stringent medical safety and performance standards. The electronics are all lead-free and ROHS compliant. All plastic resins and metal parts and their associated manufacturing processes all include optimized solutions.

    Significant investment and R&D resources have gone into the engineering of the device's plastic enclosure. It is one of the first blood-handling point-of-care medical device to meet the latest stringent FDA regulation in disinfection protocol for devices that handles contaminated blood (including HIV infected blood). Through a combination of materials and product engineering the enclosure has very high performance in sustained frequent chemical wipe down. It is designed to last many years in professional and hospital conditions without environmental stress cracking or material failure. The achieved validated performance outcome has come from extensive internal product reliability testing.

    The Xprecia Stride™ Coagulation system is breaking new ground with a modern ergonomic design, superior user experience to improve blood coagulation testing at the point of care. Incorporating cutting edge Siemens' hemostasis technology and electrochemical biosensors strip technology ensures groundbreaking lab quality results in a compact portable point-of-care device in combination with the superior design and user experience makes the system one of its kind in the point of care testing market.