World-First Monocoque Electric Caravans

  • 2022

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    Automotive and Transport

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Ben Liu

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World-First Monocoque Electric Caravan. A Caravan has been built in one piece Monocoque structure, no mechanical joints, Just like premium luxury car. Patented Monocoque Technology and Patented Power System.

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  • Unlike the car industry, most caravans are built using age-old body on chassis production methods since last century until today, putting wall panels on the chassis to form a mobile home and trying to fix everything together by using hundreds of trims, parts, glues and screws. It brings many inherent issues to the caravan because the way of doing it, like water leak, driving instability caused by body movements etc.,

  • Being building the caravan in monocoque, robotic welding forming a one-piece structure for the body and chassis creates a unique caravan with a smooth, auto-like finish. No more mechanical joints, no glues, screws, bolts and trims to fix the bits and bits together. Therefore, It solves the water ingress, eliminates movements between parts and improving driving stability. The body is like egg shell with enforced rib underneath making it incredible strong and durable for off-road.

  • It is not just innovation for our-self, It opens a new era for caravan industry, it will benefits all caravan manufacturers as the technology mitigate labors involvements, less parts and allow for more more standardized manufacturing processes. It solves many inherent issues that have been there for decades, There are always problems for customer who own the caravan finding water ingress, rotten timbers, silicon aging out, rust, consistent maintenance because of joints of the caravans. Now it is no more issue.

  • The caravan is made like modern car, the one piece body will go through the e-coating and then prime, base coat and clear coat, which will protect the body inside out from the rust. The body of the caravan like the aircraft wing where skin and enforced ribs forming a incredibly strong and relatively light structure that will help to withstand body distortion, skewing and twist from on road moving condition. It is very important for caravan to have high rigidity structure since there are lots of internal fittings like appliances, furniture and amenities fitted. The caravan is also equipped with our patented 48V power system which carries 14.4KWh power on board similar capacity like Tesla Wall. It will allow people to do free camping without power grid and still enjoy all the luxuries like use their cattle, coffee machine air-con, induction cook top etc.,