Wine Squirrel Wine Preserving Decanter

  • 2017

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

Commissioned By:

Forever Products LLC

Designed In:

Australia and USA

Wine Squirrel is a lead-free crystal decanter with a sealing mechanism that keeps unfinished wine tasting great for weeks after the bottle has been opened. It is easy to use, works with cork or screw cap bottles, requires no consumables and looks beautiful at the dinner table.

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  • Wine preserving devices have been on the market for a long time and have generally involved inserting something into the wine bottle eg vacuum pumps and gas canisters. However, they have not been very effective at preventing oxygen from spoiling the wine. Forever Products' concept was not to try and preserve wine in its original bottle but to have the wine decanted into a container and use a sealing mechanism to preserve the wine. This had never been done before so it took many years of R&D and design work to perfect, but we are now proud to introduce Wine Squirrel: a specially designed crystal decanter with a unique sealing mechanism that is attractive and easy to use and really works.

  • The key to the effectiveness of Wine Squirrel is that its unique sealing mechanism provides an airtight seal, preventing oxygen from coming into contact with and spoiling the wine. The sealing mechanism works by compressing an elastomer seal between two plates so that the elastomer expands against the side of the decanter to form an airtight seal protecting the wine from oxygen above the seal. No other consumer wine preserving device on the market has been able to effectively protect the wine from oxygen. The Wine Squirrel can preserve wine for weeks, something no other consumer product can claim.

  • Wine Squirrel has been designed to enhance the user experience. You pour the wine you want to preserve into the decanter, insert the seal and engage it at the level of the wine. When you want to serve the wine you simply disengage the seal and remove it from the decanter. It has several user-friendly features. First, there is a handle with an ergonomic knob that is used to insert/remove and engage/disengage the seal. Second, a cap with rubber elements grips the decanter to make engaging and disengaging the seal easier. Third, the handle can be removed for easier storage. Finally, the effectiveness of the seal and the shape of the decanter mean that it can be conveniently stored on its side eg in a wine fridge.

  • Our aim was to create not just an effective wine preserving device but a product that was attractive as well. We had to design the container with the constraint that it had to be essentially cylindrical to work. We turned this to our advantage in creating a high quality lead-free crystal decanter whose design is elegant and simple. The angled top lends distinctiveness and assists with pouring. The sealing mechanism is made of high quality plastic parts with a sleek finish.

    Wine Squirrel has been designed with utmost concern for safety and environmental responsibility. The decanter is made of lead-free crystal. The seal is made of FDA approved materials that are BPA free and do not affect the taste of the wine. The seal has been designed with an automatic stop that prevents the user from compressing the seal too much or too little. All materials are recyclable. The product is free from energy requirements or disposable consumables.

    The world wine market is huge and growing. The need to preserve leftover wine is demonstrated by the fact that in the UK alone it is estimated that £270million of wine is wasted each year. The market is full of ineffective wine preserving devices. Whilst pitched as a premium product, Wine Squirrel is considered good value for money at at its intended retail price of US$99, given the cost of many decanters that do not provide such innovative functionality and given the money saved by not wasting good wine. Our confidence has been reinforced by the Kickstarter campaign which generated US$112,000 of pre-orders, one of the most successful wine related Kickstarter projects ever.