Window WeatherGuards and In Channel Fly Screen Framing

  • 2016

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

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Andrew Cottle

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Window WeatherGuards an acrylic aerodynamic profile/guard for sliding windows that keeps rain out while allowing a free flow of energy efficient, toxin free fresh air; rain, hail or shine; both existing & new windows are catered for. WeatherGuards = Air In Rain Out, Water Damage Protection, Health & Energy Efficiency

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  • The Windows WeatherGuards design has evolved from need and performance. It has a sleek profile and practical visual appearance; this evokes & relates to an individual personal necessity; in fact, it is a necessity that we all have in common & due to busy life's often take for granted. That is the air and the quality of the air we breath! The WeatherGuards design & form clearly convey an interwoven relationship with its everyday function use and benefits. The air we breath is you, is me, is us!

  • WeatherGuards have been tested in NSW, VIC & QLD with outstanding results. Prior to WeatherGuards & its 'In Channel Fly Screen Framing' for the new window market, a retro version of the product for existing homes was tested. Australians are saying this: “I have a new house & never having had sliding windows I'm horrified people could design something that let the rain in; your invention is on the money” "10 years I've been looking for a product to stop rain coming in my windows” “Keeps rain out & lets a cool breeze in, best thing I've ever done to my house.” A home show with 4000 people seeing WeatherGuards for the first time, the common response “That's just what I need it's amazing why didn't I think it".

  • A CSIRO study has found that Australians can subjected to high levels of airborne toxins for months due to long term indoor air pollution. The CSIRO estimate indoor air pollution costs Australians in excess of $12 billion PA in illness & lost productivity; the number one recommendation is ventilation. Unintentional use of WeatherGuards is overcome by its self explained practical simplicity. In addition, when coupled with new window lock laws to prevent children falling from windows, the two go hand in hand. Due to the WeatherGuards uniqueness there are currently no regulations that it's required to meet. However, the University of QLD has completed specific wind speed tunnel testing with outstanding results.

  • WeatherGuards have a 10-year product warranty & the material used is 100% recyclable. The design & innovation has world first unprecedented values for energy efficiency & aluminum sliding windows. The advantages in allowing a passive air flow 24/7 to buildings & dwellings results in a marked reduction in the use of costly & polluting “electrically” driven appliances. The WeatherGuards high impact UV stable acrylic is manufactured by Mitsubishi, a world leading acrylic producer; both Window Weather Systems & Haigh Australia employ a best practice model in sourcing the use and reuse of all materials involved “Mitsubishi emphasises development of a system capable of ensuring delivery of eco-friendly products".

    The highly respected Queensland based manufacturer Protective Plastics & Haigh Australia are bringing Window WeatherGuards to market. The materials chosen & their method of manufacture are world class & appropriate. The method of manufacture ensures a finished product that meets the demands of consumers & peer group companies alike. Research from trade shows, conversations with end users plus thousands of enquiries post shows like the ABC's New Inventors confirmed the quality of the product as well as meeting the desired price point. WeatherGuards costing around the same as a fly screen has been well received by consumers and the fact that Window WeatherGuards have a zero running cost strengthens this 10 fold.

    The Window WeatherGuards price point has been extremely well received; its benefits and price point has consumers talking about outstanding value. Detailed research has been completed in relation to market need and market potential, this evidence based need of WeatherGuards sees such volumes of the innovation to run into multi millions of individual units which will reflect an outstanding investment of the design and brand value for the company.

    The design & innovation is uniquely Australian, a patented original world first. The WeatherGuards acrylic material and the aluminum 'In Channel Fly Screen Framing' use the latest materials and processes to manufacture them both; what's truly clever is the combination of the two in this world first design & format.