Who Said Contact Centres are Dead?

  • 2016

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Imagine transforming frustrating, disjointed experiences into a satisfying revenue-enhancing interaction.

By creating genuine needs-based conversations, CEC made it simpler and easier for customers to interact with AMP about their known and undiscovered needs. With this refreshing change, AMP unlocked $100 million in revenue and a 20 point uplift in NPS.

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  • CEC conducted over 160 hours of research that included observations, interviews and call listenings, driving the insights to a truly desirable future state customer journey. With prototyping and testing of the insights from the beginning, CEC exploded some AMP myths such as 'customers don't want to be bothered by us', which enabled us to shift inert staff mindsets to something that aligned to their customer value proposition of effortless professionalism. This testing persisted to the very end including on the interface and call scripts. Following this, we considered the design of people, processes and technology required to implement the AMP journey.

  • Customers make some of their most important life decisions with AMP. By creating an intelligent omni-channel experience across the contact centre function, customer service officers are empowered with the necessary information to have conversations rather than perform transactions with customers. Through coaching and training from the CEO down staff are confident in their abilities to wade through the unmet and unspoken needs of customers. This meant less transfers and less missed opportunities for both AMP and customers. Siloes are a thing of the past at AMP and when customers call, there is a sense of personalisation and humanity in the process.

  • No more cold transfers and all your questions answered! Everything is at the agents' fingertips - they have access to all key systems and information that they need, and they have been trained to deliver customer excellence. Using the future state journeys we created, AMP tailored a conversation with customers that is satisfying and empathetic - something you don't expect from a contact centre. They are led through intuitive steps starting from the call queue, they can even be given the option to be called back at a more convenient time. NPS increased by 20 points in 6 months, meaning rapid customer satisfaction.

  • With this transformative contact centre design, agents better fulfilled the unmet needs of customers. By listening carefully, agents could identify opportunities where an AMP product or service can satisfy the customer's needs and through this significantly improved AMP cross-selling capability. Hence, removing this siloed approach led to a duality of benefits from boosting revenue an additional $100 million and uplifting NPS by 20 pts. We managed to achieve not just better revenue but better customer engagement and agents satisfaction prompting the potential for even better gains in the long-term as the flow-on effects from customer recommendations and a positive staff culture become realised for AMP.

    Just one call to AMP can now answer many questions. Customers no longer need to be put into the fruitless cycle of being put on hold and waste their precious time listening to the tunes of failed jazz musicians. The agent that the customer talks to will solve all their needs. Agents are trained to listen to the customer and keywords and have everything necessary. Even if this includes, Sven (a customer) needing to consolidate his super, apply for a home loan and check his grandmother's super balance all in the one call. We influenced AMP to introduce a human-centred design team to continually iterate, scale and adapt our solution and other services within the organisation.

    This was the first time that customers journeys led to an organisational redesign based solely on journeys and personas. We removed the siloed thinking and stepped into the customer's shoes. We developed a seamless approach where all contact agents had access to all of the information. This approach led to a contact centre function that uniquely increased efficiency, productivity and revenue while managing to empower staff and enhance customer satisfaction. Who said contact centres were dead?

    Initially, agents were highly unsatisfied by the inability to help customers and customers were frustrated with agents didn't have access to all of their information. We developed a seamless approach where all contact agents had access to the same systems.The increase in NPS caused AMP to see an increase in agent satisfaction. Customers dissatisfaction was a direct correlation to the unhappiness of agents. Next time you need to access your super, give AMP a call - they can change your address, assist with your funds and you can avoid the wait-times you get with other contact centres. For society, we brought back the human touch that is missing from so many help services today.