Webster-pak® 6 Dose (Parkinson’s)

  • 2020

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Webster-pak medication systems are packed by your local community pharmacy. They are the safest, most comprehensive medication systems available. The new Webster-pak 6 Dose (Parkinson’s) packaging system specifically supports people with Parkinson’s disease and other complex regimens, to manage their medications correctly according to their unique treatment plan.

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  • Not all medication treatments fit within the standard four dosage times. For people with Parkinson’s disease and other complex conditions the treatment timing is highly variable and patient-specific. Parkinson’s is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder. Symptoms include tremors, slow movements, stiffness and muscle cramping. These symptoms usually emerge slowly and worsen over time. No two people share the exact symptoms or progression path. Medication can effectively manage symptoms. Periods of stable and unstable motor control are known as “on” and “off” times. Taking medication correctly on time, every time, helps to minimise “off” periods and optimise therapeutic outcomes.

  • The Webster-pak 6 Dose (Parkinson’s) packaging solution accommodates up to six dosage times in one convenient medication pack. Importantly, complex medications can be packed separately from regular medications, allowing for excellent tracking and auditing required treatment regimens. The extra dosage times accommodate the high frequency medication intervals required for complex medication regimens, like Parkinson’s disease. This offers greater flexibility to increase treatments as the disease progresses and the therapeutic window narrows. Medication dosage times can be fully customised by the prescriber to meet patient requirements, allowing individuals to control their treatment, and not be fixed to standard dosage times.

  • Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neurogenerative disorder affecting an estimated 10 million people worldwide. Parkinson’s Australia estimates that 1 in 350 Australians have the condition with more than 30 people diagnosed daily. The Webster-pak 6 Dose (Parkinson’s) packaging is designed to help patients control their symptoms better by helping them take medications correctly and support a smooth transition from one medication dose to the next. Patients with Parkinson’s disease need their medication on time, every time. Missed or late medications can result in a devastating loss of symptom control requiring significant recovery time.

  • The Webster-pak 6 Dose (Parkinson’s) medication packaging system allows pharmacists to better support and care for people in their community. It also offers greater peace of mind to family, friends and carers of vulnerable patients. Feedback from our pharmacy customers has been overwhelmingly positive. They immediately see the benefits this system offers their patients who have specific, complex medication regimens and often struggle to adhere to them. Missed or extra doses can result in extra health problems, falls, hospitalisation and other potentially fatal consequences. Approximately one-third of unplanned hospital admissions involving the elderly are medication related and 50% of these are potentially preventable if medication is taken correctly as prescribed. Using Webster-pak packaging systems, taking medication is simple and easy. Each blister compartment is professionally packed by the pharmacy with the exact medications required. This has been proven to increase compliance to over 95%.