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The soft and breathable WarmerBand embedded seamlessly with heat conductive smart heating textile fits well on your waist and can be either placed over your back to soothe backache or on your front to relieve abdominal pain by warming up with a gentle sensation like the skin under the sunshine

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Image: Christopher Tin @ CTOC Production
Image: Louis @ Heyhayfoto
Image: Chung Sing Photography
Image: Chung Sing Photography
Image: Chung Sing Photography
Image: Christopher Tin @ CTOC Production
Image: Chung Sing Photography
Image: Chung Sing Photography
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  • Heat therapy is a well-known physical approach to relieving mild abdominal or chronic pain. Applying the constant heat of more than 40°C onto the skin near where internal pain is proven workable in most situations. In the market, most wearables components are not soft enough to wear next to the skin and are not washable because of the power source. We want to minimize the fabric layers to elevate the wearing comfort. Our aim is to offer handy heat-adjustable therapy wherever possible. We want to create an accessory to wear under clothes or outside without being labeled as infirmity.

  • Create with the first-of-its-kind heat conductive smart textile. The detachable fabric cable connects the ultra-slim power bank and the smart textile, which allows you to wash the WamerBand when needed. To fabricate the heat conductive patented textile, we use the pure silver-coated yarn for good conductivity and softness, as well as the natural antibacterial function. Meanwhile, we have selected recycle polyester yarn from PET bottle waste to create the sustainable smart material with geometric pattern design for energetic vibe. The outcome is indiscernible from regular knits and it feels like a second skin wrapping your body.

  • With the flexibility and stretchability, the WarmerBand can wrap around waist and the heat generating system will warm your body at a controlled constant temperature. The warmth improves blood circulation, which alleviates the discomforts. In addition to warming you up physically, it also improves your mood and mobility. It can be placed over your back to soothe backache or on your front to relieve abdominal pain. With only 3-6mm thickness, you can wear WarmerBand under your clothes. As of the softness, it can be also wrapped around the neck, or placed over the shoulders to soothe muscle stiffness and discomfort.

  • Fuse the textile tech with renewed material to reform new creations, practice sustainability, and enrich life. There are two sizes to fit most, ranges from 64-91cm and 91cm-111cm with 6 column of mini snaps. You are able to wear the WarmerBand at your upper waist for warming your back or lower waist for your abdomen, and even share with your family members as well. Three conceal pockets on the side are for housing the power bank. Place battery into one of the three pockets according to your waist measurement, to ensure the silm power bank will be located at your side for not interfering with your daily activities. When warming your abdomen outside the clothes, there are two slots along the top edge to slip in and warm your hands at the same time. Instead of reaching down for the on-device control button all the time, you can easily control the WarmerBand remotely through the Smartphone app. The 5 adjustable heat-setting levels allow you to personalize the warmth. Your preferred heat setting can be memorized. Once it is set via controller or smartphone app, the WarmerBand goes back to the same setting level when turn it on the next time.