Vertio Wall System

  • 2021

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    Furniture and Lighting

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King Living

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Vertio is defined by detail. This modular shelving design suits large and small spaces, using vertical poles to allow shelves and cabinets to be placed as desired. The Australian designed system can be compression mounted between a floor and ceiling or next to a wall.

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Image: Felix Forest
Image: Felix Forest
Image: Felix Forest
Image: Felix Forest
Image: Josh Evans
Image: Josh Evans
Image: Josh Evans
Image: Josh Evans
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  • The Vertio wall system was designed to address a need for a wall system that was able to be mounted against a wall or via compression between a floor and ceiling. The system needed to be modular using only a few components that can be bought in varying quantities to build a system that can suit both small, medium and large domestic spaces. The system needed to be made from high-quality materials that are enduring and allow for disassembly and change as a user's needs change

  • The 'Vertio Wall System' is minimal in appearance yet highly detailed with sculpted Aluminium shelf brackets that allow the timber components to mount to the vertical steel poles. The shelving and cabinets are finished in high quality natural veneers available in multiple colours. The poles are height adjusted via a 'Jack' with aluminium construction which slides into the steel tube ends. As each design will be unique to each customer and setup scenario an online configurator has been developed for use at home.

  • The Vertio is the answer to so many users shelving and cabinetry needs being built from a few simple modules that are repeated across the system. The system when installed via compression between the floor and ceiling forms an architectural divider between two spaces which is highly functional for storage while aesthetically refined. When mounted against a wall the system forms an elegant bookshelf and cabinetry solution that can change layout as required or completely reconfigured if you wish to move its location or the home you have it installed.

  • All parts of the system have been distilled to their simplest design. The shelves are mitred on all sides informed by the aluminium shelf bracket which mounts the components to the vertical poles. The cabinets have no handles or visible hardware rather an angled door top suggests the location to open your cabinet. The flap door cabinets folds open and are supported by dual wire mechanisms and an elegant piano hinge. The flap door is soft opening while the twin-door cabinet doors are soft closing and are offered for when cabinets are required at heights that it is not practical to have a fold down cabinet. The cabinets are highly detailed inside and out, continuous 'waterfall' timber grain flows from the top and down the sides. Inside the cabinets a grey tint glass shelf rests on adjustable threaded shelf supports for easy storage of items that you would like out of sight yet easily accessible. For customers ease we offer an installation service that can both access the structure of your home and install if desired.