Urbanix Fitness – The Real Outdoor Gym

  • 2016

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Commissioned By:

Noam Gur Arie

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The Urbanix outdoor fitness range is real gym equipment for use in freely accessible public parks. It allows people of different fitness levels to exercise all of the core muscle groups, as well as undertaking cardio-vascular workouts.

The unique Urbanix patented hydraulic piston enables user controlled resistance for progressive fitness workouts.

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  • The curved and simple design of Urbanix provides a modern look that is appealing to users. The discreet colours of the equipment blend easily into urban or more natural settings. The Urbanix units are ergonomically designed to match human movement whilst retaining the mechanical strength required for standards regulated outdoor use. The thoughtful design prompts people to use the machines naturally and comfortably to perform the intended physical movements. The seats and handles are comfortable and user-friendly. Exercise activity instruction plates are incorporated into each unit and include QR codes that link to instructional videos. The ergonomic design enables easy access for people with reduced mobility.

  • Urbanix equipment is designed for teenagers and adults of all ages, genders, shapes and abilities to exercise all the main core muscle groups, as well as undertake cardio-vascular workouts. Urbanix is powered by a unique hydraulic piston that provides 8 levels of user-controlled resistance for progressive workouts of up to 150 kg in both directions. People can easily adjust the piston setting to suit their level of fitness. The ergonomic design enables individuals to quickly understand how to use the equipment. The Urbanix equipment is inspired by real gym equipment traditionally found indoors. The units replicate the same movements and have the same well-known benefits as indoor gym equipment.

  • The Urbanix hydraulic piston is equipped with a unique Safestop™ Stopper mechanism, an automatic braking system that allows for maximum safety. If users decide to let go of the handles the equipment elements will not fall or retract. "Safeshocks" also ensure a smooth dampened touch to the piston. Armrests help people retain the correct seated position and aid disabled users in maintaining their balance. Careful engineering ensures safe distances between the components of each unit to prevent head and finger entrapments. Vandal resistant fittings ensure ongoing safety for users. Urbanix is certified by TÜV for conformity to EN16630:2015 for Permanently Installed Outdoor Fitness Equipment.

  • Rigorous testing and careful choice of materials ensure Urbanix units are of high quality with proven performance. Hot-dipped galvanised steel and state of the art coating processes ensure high levels of durability for the framework. The seats and back supports are a polyurethane compound that provides a comfortable user surface whilst withstanding intensive outdoor use. The unique Urbanix hydraulic piston includes a monolithic aluminium case, stainless steel bearings and a chrome plated shaft. The hydraulic cylinder provides quality of movement thanks to a regulated and smooth resistance throughout the entire motion. Its unique design and engineering has been tested to withstand over 1,000,000 repetitions.

    We believe that by providing our Urbanix Real Outdoor Gym equipment in open spaces and parks, communities will have more access to free and easily accessible opportunities to be active. The nation's obesity crisis is a growing concern with an estimated 63.4% of Australian adults being overweight, costing our society over $8.6 billion. To help remedy this growing epidemic, communities need access to free equipment that is easy to understand and safe to use. Urbanix is the perfect solution. Urbanix represents excellent opportunities for urban designers to provide long term investments of real value for the whole community.

    Urbanix is a cutting edge innovation in the provision of freely accessible opportunities that encourage a wide range of people to be more active. Urbanix equipment provides a real gym feel with a constant, controlled and progressive resistance. The patented hydraulic piston offers 8 adjustable levels of user controlled resistance. The bi-directional piston action allows training of opposing muscles in a single exercise. The many safety features ensure a user friendly experience. Clear and concise signage utilising QR code technology assists people in progressing with their fitness goals. Urbanix is suitable for use by beginners to fitness enthusiasts, the elderly and disabled. Urbanix is a Real Outdoor Gym.