Universal Cooker Knob Kit by Wilson Elements

  • 2015

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    Domestic Appliances

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Wilson Elements

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Wilson Elements’ focus is on keeping cooking appliances operational for longer by creating innovative universal components that make appliance maintenance easier and more cost effective .
Our latest commercial release is a Universal Knob System for indoor & outdoor cooking appliances.
Conceived as a functional replacement, it is a simple and economic solution for many of the difficulties encountered by manufacturers, resellers and consumers in meeting the requirement for replacing broken or aged control knobs.
It has additionally proved to have opened new markets for the customisation or rejuvenation of existing appliances.

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  • The kitchen is the heart of the modern home, so our objective was to offer not just a replacement for that broken knob but a styling upgrade that complements the development of commercial, bright and retro kitchen fashions. Designed to harmonise with stylish, modern cooking appliances whilst subtle enough to be an appropriate and proportionate upgrade for older legacy cookers. Good size handle makes for ergonomic operation in kitchen environments whilst design aspects of the handle allow for visual clarity of selector position from any viewing angle.

  • Launched in 5 finishes inspired by the trend towards commercial, colourful and vintage kitchen themes that allow the user to easily customise the cooker to match the kitchen decor. The 5 knob sizes from 30 to 55mm in diameter are supplied with a choice of contrasting indicators. This allows the end user or technician flexibility in configuring the installation by mix-and-matching colours, sizes or indicators.

  • As the main point of interaction between the user and the cooking appliance, the materials and finishes used in our Universal Knob System has been chosen to impart the durability and quality of the construction. High quality painted surfaces and real metal finishes, in conjunction with the use of a heavier gauge flame resistant resins and composites, contribute to the discernible durability of the product.

  • On an industry level, the supply of replacement cooker knobs is a substantial component of the ongoing maintenance of cooking appliances, yet often demand a high level of effort for a low value. Our Universal Knob System allows for the cost effective replacement of all the cooking appliances' knobs by retaining a uniform appearance. Retailing for the price of 1 to 2 original equipment knobs, the retail packs of 4 with decal set are available with single top up packs. This allows consumers to cost effectively refresh the appearance of their appliance and for resellers or technicians to have on hand an attractive and functional replacement solution for consumers.

    Designed to easily replace most cooker knobs in service, the patented adaptor design allows for compatibility with most industry standard control systems and knob configurations. It is compatible with gas and electric appliances. The technical features include our patented reversible standard adaptors which allows for flush or 10mm proud design in one component, with additional supplied extended adaptors increases reach adaptability. The adaptors fit most industry standard control shafts and offers 8 points of rotation adjustment. A complementary 91 piece decal set completes the kit, allowing users to replace worn off or knob located functional symbols.