Ubco 2×2


The 2×2 is the worlds first dual electric drive motorbike. A whisper quiet, digitally connected bike with a 40 Ah portable power source It will redefine the way you work and play outdoors.

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  • Our innovative dual electric drive (2x2) has a 1 kilowatt brushless drive in each wheel. It has no clutch or external drivetrain with no emissions and no noise. Standard combustion engine bike maintenance issues are eliminated. Instead an ultra-quiet, powerful beast with excellent handling. Delivering power to both wheels allows for better control and is more efficient, so your battery lasts longer. The bike is quick to pick up speed, making it both fun and functional. Just turn the key, twist the throttle, and go.

  • Improved handling and excellent performance in all terrain conditions - mud, water and gravel are no match for the 2×2. The dual electric drive gives better traction control, especially in slippery conditions, so you can power through mud and grit, no sweat. We've tested it in all conditions, thrashing the bike up and down hills, through rivers and estuaries, across mountain bike trails, you name it, we've been there! And the riders always come out smiling. If the bike could smile, it would be grinning too.

  • The 2x2 loves to be kitted out! 17 accessory lugs are placed across the bike in the most useful places. With standard nuts and bolts, you can to attach anything from a holster to a trailer to storage bags, making it flexible for any rider. We gave a bike to St John Emergency Services who attached a stretcher trailer for rescue from tight spots that trucks just can't reach. We gave a bike to DOC who fitted a chainsaw box to the rear carrier for work on their stunning wilderness tracks, and the 2x2 powered over fallen logs with ease. We'll be releasing a dedicated accessory line in the near future, allowing you to customise the 2x2 as you want - the possibilities are endless!

  • The 40Ah Lithium Ion battery not only powers the bike, it powers you while you're out and about. The 2×2 boasts two USB ports and a 12v outlet that charges your power tools and devices on the go. No more running out of juice for your smartphone, handheld electronics, or your battery powered drill. Keep your battery life and your productivity at 100%.

    The lightweight, SuperX, step through frame is easy to manoeuvre across difficult terrain and with a low centre of gravity, it can be handled by the average Joe. It's made from 7000 series aluminium alloy, prized for its high performance and low weight. The whole bike weighs just 58kgs with the battery, so the 2x2 is safer than your standard quad or farm bike, allowing the whole team, young or old, to enjoy the ride.

    Forget the trip to the gas station. When fully charged the 2x2 runs for up to 100km at a cost of just 88c, leaving more money in your pocket for those other farm and leisure ventures. Typical farmers can spend upwards of $2500 a year on bike maintenance and gas. The 2x2 has reduced maintenance and no gas bill, slashing on farm costs.

    Each 2 x 2 Ships with a sophisticated hardware and software system that is digitally connected and enables 'Over the Air' (OTA) updates of the bikes operating system along with remote diagnostics. It has a platform of software for individual and fleet customers for performance, location, security, safety and management functions.