TreasureHunt: An Intelligence Marketplace

  • 2018

  • Digital
    Apps and Software

Commissioned By:

Analyttica Datalab Inc.

Designed In:


Analyttica TreasureHunt is a U.S Patented experiential learning system for learning data analytics by solving real life problems.

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  • The main challenge was to come to a common understanding with the client's product development team. Through Think Design's UCD process, we engaged in several activities including stakeholder workshop, desktop research, brainstorming, rapid prototyping among others. In a few week's time, the teams came to a common understanding of the product, its features and User Experience concepts. Since the platform aims to certify its users for the problems they solve in their courses, there was a clear need to ease user journeys, build in authenticity, demonstrate credibility and make the web based platform very robust.

  • Data analytics is complex; and for users who come here to learn, it could be overwhelming to see too much information at the very first time. We made progressive revelation thereby making the experience easy on users' minds. Given that its users pursue this as a part time activity, there are clear indicators of users' journey in a timeline format. In order to make the marketplace model successful, we need to consider experience of course creaters as well. Consolidated efforts went into making a course creator's experience delightful, as they are as important as the users who consume these courses.

  • Analyttica TreasureHunt went live into the market in December 2017. Within a few weeks of launch and with no marketing spend, the platform received thousands of user signups. This itself is a manifestation of the success of good design. The product recently received U.S Patent (Patent number: 9886867) Due to its increasing user base, there as more courses being created and uploaded as we speak.

  • 1. Collaboration: Helps users across the world work on a challenge together and solve. 2. Real-life challenges: Most of the courses and problems are designed around what data analysts face in real-life... making it the only platform where you could solve real life challenges and get rewarded for it. 3. For Enterprises: Organizations can now enroll batches of students on this platform; the administrator will be able to track their batch's progress through a real-time dashboards interface. 4. Certification: Learning is more complete when there's a reward. TreasureHunt provides certification post module/ course completion. In case of enterprises, the certificate is co-branded as well. 5. Timeline: Timeline view gives its users, a control on their progress. Users can also rollback and learn concepts all over again, if they think they may have missed something. 6. Gamification: Users are also rewarded in the form of badges, making their baby steps seem worthwhile.