Track T4 – Hybrid Off-Road Caravan

  • 2019

  • Engineering

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Track Trailer

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In Australia only two-thirds of the recreational vehicle (RV) industry is locally manufactured. The market is predominantly caravans, pop tops, camper and tent trailers. Responding to customer demand, increasingly these use similar design elements, common parts and approaches to demonstrate their ‘off-road’ credentials. Track Trailer achieves brand recognition, above the ruck, by design.

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  • These RVs operate in aggressively damaging circumstances, where mission critical failures are potentially dangerous and driver errors can increase structural risk dramatically, but customers expect to arrive at their remote and isolated campsite (think 500km west of Coober Pedy), with their off-grid home not only functioning, but dust free and ready for a comfortable evening in the desert, before doing it all again tomorrow. Design challenge is in the trade-offs; Robustness vs weight, Highspeed on road dynamics vs off-road performance. Amenity vs weight, Styling vs function, Couples vs families, Ease of use vs technology risk, Flexibility vs production standardisation,

  • Robust, reliable and durable, in mission critical areas, with light weight demands very good design and engineering from the wheels up. In relatively low volume production (100 units/yr), “light and robust” demands standardisation. Market requires flexibility of layout and features. So, the T4 solution is a well designed and engineered common; chassis, body and systems, with 3 standard user configurations and modular options: Symphony – flexible from couples to families with inside cooking, outside ensuite Concerto – family van which sleeps upto 6, with outside ensuite and cooking Rhapsody – couples van with inside cooking and ensuite

  • Commercial impact: T4 will return Track Trailer to its market leading position as this new RV collection has broader appeal than its predecessor which ultimately lost market share to competitors offering bunks and internal bathrooms. Despite increased equipment levels and amenity, the design is expected to deliver better margins as assembly labour is simplified. Environmental impact: starts with reduced tow vehicle fuel consumption resulting from light weight. T4s are equipped with solar panels and can operate off-grid in most circumstances. Further, the body system is easily recycled aluminium and finally manufacturing electricity and water are collected from our own roof.

  • Eleven years ago Track Trailer created a new product category, now known as ‘hybrid’, when it developed its Topaz model. These small off-road caravans provide some of the amenity of a larger caravan with footprint and weight slightly greater than camper trailers. Most importantly for true off-road performance these vans are no wider than the tow vehicle (<2M), so they can follow it down narrow tracks. The market expectations continue to increase and competitor responses continue to find ways to provide more amenity (beds, cooking, heating, cooling, bathing etc) for a wide range of customers (couples, families, short trip and long distance), while surviving the rigors of off-road operation. T4 breaks new ground in many areas, but its electronics haven’t been featured elsewhere. Starting with a proprietary battery management system, Track has integrated in-house designed control modules, with app control of many functions, from deploying the pop-top and so eliminating physically hard work and need for a ladder to operate travel latches, to providing central locking of all the drawers and the table for travel. This is hugely beneficial, as arriving at camp after a hard day’s journey and finding you larder spread on the floor, is very disappointing!