Tivoli Audio Inc.

  • 2021

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Paul DePasquale

Designed In:

United States of America

Designed by Tivoli Audio, the Generation 2 ART collection merges traditional audio formats with the latest technology. The Model One Digital and Music System Home simplifies streaming, with AirPlay2 and Chromecast built-in. Developed in the United States of America, this design combines furniture-grade wood, aluminum hardware, and eco-friendly fabrics to create a unique yet simple-to-use audio product.

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  • The Music System Home Gen. 2 incorporates a midcentury modern inspired design that helps elevate a tech-infused user experience, all in one, streaming hi-fi system. Generally, all-in-one systems are remote-dependent where the user doesn't have to touch the hardware. However, Tivoli Audio's benchmark for hands-on controls and simple user experience needed to remain intact while incorporating new technologies. How to make Analog feel digital and digital feel analog? Of course, we also wanted to ensure we provided a sound quality that surpassed the product's physical dimensions.

  • The focus was to develop tactile ways for users to treat this model as if it was an old school standalone system that incorporated app-based services Google Home, Spotify, AirPlay2. The aluminum ring dial around the display gives a multi-functional control for FM, AM, DAB radio, and play music via the latest apps. Sonically we outfitted four drivers (2 per side) to handle the high-performance playback. The product remained compact and sleek because one section in the back of the unit was equipped with all the electrical components needed to perform while not creating cosmetic obstructions.

  • Designing CE continues to bring a challenge for improving environmental impact; however, we strive to make the differences where we can. For this unit, we made sure to use less plastic than previous models. We replaced the use of plastic speaker grills with eco-friendly fabric (made from wool). We have improved our consumer packaging, making it out of recycled cardboard, molded paper pulp, and corn starch bags (instead of plastic bags). We have reduced plastic as much as possible. We believe other manufactures of similar products have been inspired by our approach for audio design and sustainable quality.

  • Key features include wi-fi, which supports streaming with Spotify® Connect, AirPlay2, and Chromecast built-in™, radio (FM, DAB+, and AM), Bluetooth®, clock, alarm clock, and optical input for television playback. Easy product setup. Set up on their phone is simple, and once this is done, they can use hands-on controls or the remote to enjoy. We can target both younger and older customers based on the mixed philosophy behind the model. We feel that music is extremely valuable to one's mental health. The Music System Home Gen. 2 and other ART products from Tivoli Audio are unlike others in the market offering these streaming services. The product has already proven to outperform our previous models. It owns more market share in this category, which will grow due to the simple approach we have taken to allow users to interact with new technology that can often be intimidating.