Thunder Trampoline

  • 2017

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Vuly’s Thunder trampoline represents an innovative approach to creating trustworthy and beautiful trampolines for more families.

With a brief that called for total safety – along with maximum bounce and value – Thunder concentrates Vuly’s distinctive design DNA and safe Leaf Spring technology into a truly affordable product.

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  • Thunder appeals to parents who want the safest trampoline at an economical price by emphasising the design's innovative features. Its curved enclosure and poles, for example, are safer than those on other trampolines - removing contact potential, while also creating a more striking silhouette than traditional 'box' enclosures. The netting, secured to the jump mat's edge, and lack of dangerous coils announce Thunder as a trampoline designed to always keep the bouncer safe. From the outside, Thunder's swooping design centres the user's attention onto the Leaf Springs, which draws images of bouncing into their mind. From the inside, one's vision is filled with black mesh and mat, triggering feelings of security.

  • Designed to offer a bouncier and safer no-coil-spring experience, without the steep cost, Thunder shrinks and re-engineers Vuly's signature Leaf Springs into a double-ringed frame. This creates a lighter trampoline and a safe, gentle edge at a fraction of the cost of other no-coil-spring trampolines. With Thunder's clever, push-button design and fewer than a dozen distinct parts, assembling Thunder is quick and simple. A number of design elements also improve the user experience. The full-length door is wide, zipperless and self-closes for safety, and Leaf Springs are ergonomically superior - providing a strictly vertical bounce that puts less strain on joints than coil springs or diagonal rods.

  • Thunder is designed to prevent injury. Not only does the user have zero access to the frame while bouncing, innovative Leaf Springs mean that there aren't even any springs for fingers to catch on while someone else is bouncing. Net poles curve away from the safety enclosure to stop the user from crashing into them, and the netting itself is both taut and superfine to prevent neck, extremity and fall injuries. Thunder exceeds the latest trampoline safety standard, AS 4989-2015. Having been engineered so that all impact zones are outside the jumping area, Thunder easily meets the minimum acceptable design standards related to safety padding components and potential hazard components.

  • Each of Thunder's components is recyclable - including steel frames, poles, Leaf Springs, the polypropylene mat and the polyethylene net - and every part is individually replaceable to reduce waste. Thunder's materials are also designed for longevity - leading to fewer disposals. Double-galvanised steel prevents early rusting, and polyethylene is UV-resistant and less susceptible to tearing and deterioration than other net material. The manufacturing process has the smallest environmental impact possible. Thunder reuses most of the materials of other Vuly trampoline models. This grants the ability to recycle surplus material from other trampolines to reduce the amount of waste produced during construction.

    Vuly fine-tuned Thunder in each prototype iteration until it exceeded the reliability and performance goals of the design brief - a lesson from previous trampoline manufacturing processes. Thunder is a market leader in its price range, with the safety features and no-spring philosophy of Vuly's premium models at a price closer to a coil spring trampoline. To ensure high manufacturing standards, Vuly subjected Thunder to substantial weather performance and stress testing on its frame, enclosure and Leaf Springs. Thunder is designed to be a hardy trampoline that lasts through rough weather; this necessitated a change in safety enclosure material from the Terylene to polyethylene, which is more UV-resistant.

    Thunder is the most affordable no-coil-spring trampoline on the market - with the build quality and safety of a premier product. Vuly's ability to respond to market calls for a more keenly priced trampoline that leverages - and improves upon - the innovations of earlier models strengthens the brand. It shows dedication to modernising trampolines at the high-end, and then delivering those improvements to the wider public. Thunder has a very positive return on investment. The efficient manufacturing process means that Thunder has lower production costs. This allows it to occupy a more moderate price bracket and appeal to a market of forward-thinking parents who want the best in safety at an economical price.

    Thunder makes clever use of a double-ringed frame (pioneered by the Vuly2) to support its array of Leaf Springs - removing the need for a heavy base. This provides a steady foundation for the technology, while also lightening the entire frame compared to Thunder Summer. By refining and combining the best elements from previous Vuly trampolines, Thunder represents a totally safe, no-coil-spring trampoline for the price of a traditional trampoline. Thunder is only the second trampoline in the world to use Leaf Springs to power its bounce. All other trampoline designs feature coil springs or diagonal rods, which have the potential to harm onlookers. None features zero potential for pinching or crushing injuries.