The Titan Twin-Point Handle

  • 2016

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    Hardware and Building

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CiiLOCK Engineering

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It’s easy to get carried away with the relaxed lifestyle of Bi-Fold doors, and during those inevitable carefree moments when the key is mistakenly left in the lock, the Titan Twin-point Handle’s intuitive retractable locking system gives users peace-of-mind there will be no damaged panels or bent keys as a consequence!

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  • The solution to damage-proof Bi-Fold locking can't always be dependent on the user removing the key before opening the door; this necessity can be easily overlooked or the key purposefully left in the lock for convenience. CiiLOCK Engineering's solution to ensuring users can enjoy the benefits of their Bi-Fold door without risk? A retractable key!

  • With the user's swift lift and turn manoeuvre of the ultra slimline lever, the Titan Twin-Point's intelligent locking mechanism is instantly activated; automatically retracting the key and key cylinder 10mm when the door is unlocked and opened. This allows the handle and key to gracefully nest between the stacked panels for smooth and seamless compression without obstruction or damage. When the lever is motioned to close and the door, the cylinder projects; accessible for the user to lock with the key. This clever technology empowers Bi-Fold users with the luxury of intuitive locking; opening up spaces with the comfort of damage-free operation.

  • Carefully designed to embody an idyllic blend of form and function, the locking system is stylishly encased with an ultra slimline handle body - with smooth, clean lines to create a non-obtrusive yet elegant profile that will seamlessly fit within any application.

  • The Titan Twin-Point Handle's intuitive locking system is complemented by swift, almost effortless operation. Following the user's swift 'lift and turn' motioning of the handle 45° degrees clockwise, the mechanism activates and secures the door. Opening the door is as simple as lifting and turning the handle 45° anti-clockwise, with the lever naturally returning to its central rested position following use.

    Compatible with Australia's most common 'C4' key profile, the Titan Twin-Point's keyed-alike option allows the flexibility to integrate with existing locks and adds the liberty and security of one-key accessibility!