The Solmates Refillable Sunscreen Applicator

  • 2022

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Solmates Australia

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The Solmates refillable sunscreen applicator is a convenient and planet-friendly alternative to single-use plastic sunscreen containers. 100% recyclable and made with recycled materials, the Solmate is the new sustainable way to be safe in the sun. A ‘keep cup’ concept for sunscreen that is proudly designed and made in Australia.

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  • Like many people, Kelly and Caroline hated how many single-use plastic sunscreen bottles they would use when trying to protect themselves and their families from the sun. Bulk bottles weren’t convenient for days out and small bottles were often forgotten at the bottom of a bag. Their challenge was to create a refillable sun-care product that enabled people to use less single-use plastic. A long-lasting and durable product that was made of sustainable materials. It also had to be aesthetically appealing for both children and adults and be easy to use so they would happily incorporate into their daily lives.

  • The solution was an applicator that can be refilled again and again with sunscreen, enabling the user to be sun-safe and planet-friendly. Buy sunscreen in bulk and dispense it into the applicator for on-the-go use! Holding 50 ml, it is compact in size so it fits easily into a bag, and was designed to be easy to refill as well as easy to apply. Made to be long-lasting and durable, it was also designed with sustainability in mind, being 100% recyclable and made with recycled ocean-bound plastic. Plus with a modern but fun look appealing to both children and adults.

  • For the planet, the design fights plastic waste in a number of ways by offering an alternative to single-use plastic sunscreen bottles, being made with recycled ocean-bound plastic and being 100% recyclable. For the consumer, they have a convenient sun-protection tool and a way to be more sustainable in their daily lives. For the Solmates Australia business, it delivers a truly unique new product in the market enabling the business to tap into the increasing consumer demand for sustainability. And more broadly it showcases what great design can achieve with a purposeful sustainable product.

  • The Solmates applicator allows you to buy sunscreen in bulk but with the convenience of carrying and applying it using our applicator. It is designed and made in Australia and is made with food-grade, ocean-bound recycled plastic. It is also 100% recyclable. Key design features include: - The base is removable to add the sunscreen with a wide opening for ease of fill and a textured surface to ensure it is easy to open. - Compact in size, the applicator holds enough sunscreen for the day but is still small enough to fit into a bag or even a pocket. - The tether and tether hook allows for easy attachment. - The high-quality roller ball ensures easy and consistent application of the sunscreen. With the roller ball mechanic locked in place, the design ensures no leaking and no clogging. - The three main parts (lid, body and base) are interchangeable allowing the user to mix and match different colours. - Easy for children to use fitting well into their hand. - Easy to clean with three main parts and a wide opening. - Made to be durable and long lasting with chip-resistant material and robust parts.