The Pods

  • 2020

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

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The Pod Series is a playful nod to the style and retro architecture of cartoons from the 1950s and 60s. With straight edges meeting curved, bold circular windows and mixed materials that are functional and tactile; this play space is
made to be jumped, crawled and climbed on.

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  • The challenge here was to create a high-energy play space in a very small area. Our core audience was younger children aged 2-6 - achieving the balance of multiple levels & areas of play - with visibility and access for the carer was key. Located in the centre of a food-court in a shopping mall, it was integral that the children were within a fenced area - with full visibility.

  • The solution was to go UP. Creating three, semi-enclosed pods, allowed us to create more areas of play - while ensuring window porthole throughout creating visibility for the carer. Blending digital and physical elevated each discovery piece: from talking tubes that converted your voice and lit up - to an illuminated slide, ropes, tunnels and a discover digital maze. By designing an enclosed system - the restriction of regular safety zones was removed, allowing a greater amount of play - in a very tight space.

  • This piece reimagines "Contained" Play in small commercial spaces - showcasing small can still be as stunning as it can be playful. Crafted with moments of interactivity, discovery and themed gaming content combined with materials such as Ply - makes this space as warm and inviting as it is playful.

  • Backed by our own IM platform: our client has the option to access real-time anonymous usage analytics as well as real-time game control: with the option of scheduling games on the small porthole screen, from the wider Play9 Library (all games design & built by Play9 Studios). This means the little splashes of hidden delights can always remain fresh: from hidden Christmas elves to space inspired aliens!