The ONE BRUSH by yesēco

  • 2021

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

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Designed in Australia, ONE BRUSH by yesēco is the holy grail of eco dish brushes.

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  • The brief was to design a beautiful product that increased consumers perceived value in a dish brush and therefor was an object that not only was desired but would be treasured and become a long life product/tool that could be used again and again while keeping unnecessary plastic/waste to an absolute minimum. Form, function and hygiene needed to be carefully considered to elevate the product far beyond any products in the market. The ONE BRUSH is a brand defining product for yesēco that shows the innovation and quality of the brand in the homewares and eco market.

  • Simply put, the ONE BRUSH, solves problems that others have not. Not only are the form and aesthetics miles ahead of anything in the market, it has created a product of value, that will not be discarded every few months and cheaply replaced. It has also solved the visual clutter of a kitchen bench that often ruins the clean elegance intended by the architect/designer, while still being easily accessible at any given moment. Waste has been kept to the absolute minimum and the materials used for the replaceable heads (bamboo and sisal fibre) can be easily composted.

  • The ONE BRUSH is only a dish brush... ,) However, every home, office, RV and boat, requires a dish brush -on average x4 dish brushes used and discarded each year/sink. When we start to think of the scale of plastic waste that is created from every home, city, country every year, we start to realise the true social, commercial and environmental impact that just one dish brush design can have. The ONE BRUSH will inspire designers to look at simple homewares products and elevate them to desirable products that have a long life span and help to protect our environment.

  • - The ONE BRUSH has both utility and design patents pending. - The ONE BRUSH has been designed to be easily dismantled into seven pieces that can be easily replaced or recycled (after a long and happy life). - The ONE BRUSH solves shipping magnets in a clever way, by allowing the magnetic stand to be packaged inside the handle when shipping.