The Good Rule

  • 2021

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Commissioned By:

The Good NZ

Designed In:

New Zealand

Inspired by old-school quality tools, The Good Rule comes in a dimension that reflects modern building settings. This builder’s ruler was designed in New Zealand to strike the perfect balance of form, function and quality.

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  • We believed that today's folding rules were missing the quality and thoughtfulness that old tools sitting in our sheds decades later had. Raw building material measurements stem from imperial units. When we moved to metric they just converted these lengths, so the common 1-metre rule is largely unfit for purpose in that it does not readily translate to standardised building spacings and materials. The vision was to design a rule with dimensions that make sense for the way we build today, using quality materials and bringing a sense of pride and enjoyment to the user's engagement with the product.

  • Attention to detail and practical features for the end-user is what sets this design apart. Every dimension of The Good Rule (600mm long, 300mm folded, 45mm width) is a standardised measurement in modern day building, whether it be the width of a half sheet of GIB, spacing screws or studs and many other standard measurements so you can easily measure these out. It's made of tough engineered ABS plastic with a hardy brass hinge and pins which measure up to the high quality standard set by the brief while instilling a deeper sense of respect for the product itself.

  • The thoughtfulness of The Good Rule design has a positive impact for the builders and creators that use it, increasing efficiency and accuracy on the jobsite. User-friendly, durable, respected, and built to last, comparably minimising its impact on the environment. Builders can be immensely proud of the tools they use. The Good Rule, with it's intriguing and well considered design, has become a prized statement piece on the toolbelt which indicates a shift towards a larger social impact, in that The Good Rule has become an icon for valuing innovation, quality, and craftmanship.

  • The Good Rule has been made with modern measurements in mind, and traditional quality at heart. Other key features which elevate this design are in the detail. They include the offset bevels to allow for fold-flat operation, a protractor within the hinge with a tolerance of 0.02mm, so the rule remains rigid at whatever point it's open, as well as split-centre measuring. Two key colourways were created for The Good Rule - an original fluro green rule, followed by a slick-looking black variant. Made by makers, for makers.